Combat Mission Shock Force — British Forces

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by stickybomb, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Looks like there's a new CMSF British Forces module due out soon from Battlefront a $25.

    I haven't played CM for donkeys years but I thought that it would be worth a heads up for the Arrse gaming community.

  2. Is CMSF any good?
  3. Sorry Instinct, I only ever saw the Mk 1 version which was around about 10 years ago. Mind you, it was the mutts nuts at the time but a lot has happened since — including some competition (Steel Beasts et al).
    Maybe there are some current players out there.
  4. I think CMSF is actually quite good. when it first came out it was full of problems but it has since been patched up and is very enjoyable. Marines is a good add on, so hopefully the Brit Module will continue in that vain when it finally comes out.
  5. Call me Mr thicky but what does CMSF stand for ?

    Knackers. just seen the topic title. what a tit :oops:
  6. Id have deleted the first part of your post when you editited it. :wink:

    Is CMSF similar to the CM games?
  7. If you search for Combat Mission Shock Force theres, guess what, a demo. Cheers for that sticky, i'll have a look.
  8. Guess what i just did. And i lost the whole damn weekend. Its now ordered off amazon and i cant bloody wait!!!!
  9. Good stuff. Ive always had the demo but after reading this thread i got the game off ebay (last week). For the price im not complaining, and the Brit forces will be good.
  10. Sorry' I know theres a link but lets have another look at that weapons/vehicle list again:

    Preliminary equipment list

    UK Small Arms and Support Weapons
    L85A2 (5.56mm Rifle)
    L85A2 w/UGL
    L85A2 – new version
    L86A2 (5.56mm Light Support Weapon)
    L22A2 (5.56mm Carbine)
    L110A1 (5.56mm Minimi-Para)
    L96A1 (7.62mm Sniper Rifle)
    L115A1 (8.59mm Long range Rifle)
    L115A3 (8.59mm Sniper Rifle)
    L111A1 Browning (.50 cal HMG)
    L7A2 (7.62mm GPMG)
    L134A1 (GMG)
    L2A1 (ILAW)
    Javelin ATGM
    L109 (hand grenade)
    L9A1 (51mm Mortar)
    UK Vehicles
    FV4043 Challenger 2
    FV4043 Challenger 2 – w/ current upgrades
    FV 510 Warrior IFV - "TELIC"
    FV 510 Warrior IFV - "TELIC Enhanced"
    FV 511 Warrior ICV
    FV 514 Warrior OPV
    FV 107 Scimitar
    FV 107 Scimitar with slat armor
    FV 103 Spartan
    FV 103 Spartan with slat armor
    FV 105 Sultan
    FV 432
    FV 432 mark 3 – Bulldog
    M-WMIK – Jackal
    L.R. Command vehicle (w/ FFR)
    TUM - HS/GS
    TUM - HS/ST
    Snatch 2A
    Artillery Support
    L16A2 81mm Mortar
    L118 Light Gun
    AS90 Self-propelled gun
    M270Bi MLRS
    Air Support
    Tornado GR4
    Harrier GR9

  11. Damnit ive got to be doing work the next two weeks!!
  12. There's been some more releases on the British Module:
    Web Page



  13. would anyone compare it to COD or BF2 :? Is it worth investing in?
  14. Personally, I'd recommend it, but it is nothing like COD or BF2.

    It is a tactical wargame, with forces up to a battlegroup being playable, but you can get more on a map. It is unlike almost any mainstream game in terms of accuracy of simulation and playing style.

    It's a small company that makes it, so it was a bit buggy when it came out, but numerous patches have made it much better.

    Try the demo. The 1.11 version should be out shortly.
  15. I have down loaded the demo and can't get the damn thing to work. When I get to the set up screen the controls all appear at the bottom but the top 2/3 of the screen still has the mission brief on it. :x