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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by chris182, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. Hi, Im planning on joining the army as a cmt, hopefully next year, and was wandering if anyone can tell me a bit more about it. Ive heard mixed things about it, some people saying that its a complete waste of time and others saying they really enjoy it and have never looked back. I don't want to be stuck in a tent all day, i'd like to be out and about, preferbly attachted to an infantry unit, or working on helicopters. Is this likely to be done as a cmt, or would i be better off in a different reg?
  2. Loads of opportunity to get involved with all that you mentioned. Just be patient and accept that everyone has to put up with shite jobs... happens to us all, its all part of being a CMT so dont expect to land just jobs which you like.
  3. The CMT trade is being revamped (even as we speak). They are going to have several career paths including the possibility of being trained as qualified paramedic.

    What's wrong with tents? Vital when trying to treat wounded and sick comrades. Army medics don't work on helicoptors (at least at the moment) as the RAF have cornered that market (but we are trying to shoulder our way in there :wink: ).

    However, being attached to an infantry unit is more than probable as a medic. Trust me, if that happens you'll spend a lot of time in the field, either on deployment or training. But if that's the kind of thing you want, then go for it. :D :D

    Good luck, mate!
  4. ive also been hearing about black serpent and med troop, which sounds interesting. is it possible to go for that when ive completed training?
  5. Slow down mate. Your not even out of the factory yet. However you can be posted to Med Troop and Black Serpent isn't exactly difficult.

    Med Troop and Black Serpent is not as ally as it sounds.

  6. If you want to work on helicopters then ODP is the way ahead, they do IRT on Herrick with the RAF, Telic is totally RAF as said above.

    The good thing about CMT is that you always have the opportunity to change trades if you decide its not for you or you want a more clinical trade.

    Some people love the job.
  7. Ignore him. Pointless C*ap. He wants to be a pilot but his eye sight is cr*p but he still wants to work with Air frames and the next choice was CMT in med tp after doing Black serpent being attached to AAB but can't see himself passing P-Coy.

    Jog on!
  8. Hhhhmmmm, its been in the process of being revamped since I joined up 25 years ago. :roll:

    Serving with the teeth arms is a hoot though.
  9. no, im just keeping my options open. I don't want to go down one road and then find i can't get any further. Im simply trying to find out as much i can about different trades, so i don't end up regretting my decision.
  10. So where did you get all your information about Black Serpent and Med TP? Probably from some other Walt.
  11. I kind of see the point behind Black Serpent but I cant believe that some people see it as a special forces course.

    I was at a function talking to a rather large (chubster large not muscular large) SSgt from 16 who was telling me that Black Serpent was the second hardest special forces course after P-Coy, I asked whether he thought that P-Coy and Black Serpent were more arduous than SAS selection or any of the other 'special' courses such as the Det course followed by asking he he had done any of the above courses, his only reply was yes he'd just done Black Serpent.
    If people want to tell others that theyve done an SF course then they should do one, thinking Black Serpent is a SF course is verging on being waltish.

    back to the thread, isnt this chris's second read on wanting to be a CMT?
  12. No, it's my first, i posted in someone elses CMT thread. CMT's my main choice, (after pilot, which i couldn't do due to naff eyesight) but reading other threads on the forum, it seems that its a go-nowhere job. im still waiting for the AFCO to get back to me, so theres not really much i know about it at the moment. Im just trying to find out what oppertunities there are for CMT's.
    On another thread about cmt's someone mentioned he wanted to do black serpent, so i just thought i'd ask what it is.
  13. I concur Filbert but I think people saying that Black Serpent is an SF course is Waltish. It isn't a difficult course and the people who go on it are not SF potential 99% of the time. The ODPs who have done it and been med tp don't care what people think but I do know a number of CMTs who walt off to their mates about it, even some of the people who go to MSU think they are something special. They generally come undone when they mention it to the wrong person...You probaly know what I mean there Filbert or they get posted to a new unit and can't provide the goods (i.e. Fitness, attitude and basic military skills).

    And back to the subject...Just get in the Army first and your head will be rinsed of all the c*ap people chat on here.
  14. Have you done the Black Serpent course ODP? To say that its not a difficult course implies that you flew through it without breaking a sweat. Not SF true, but not easy.
  15. Ive done harder.