Combat medical technician training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Ronnie_CMT, May 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys just wondering Where the CMTs train for trade training. I have looked every where, i would ask my carreers adviser for his info but its closed today due to being a bank holiday.
  2. Its in the Surrey area not too far from Pirbright (I think) :oops:
  3. Keogh Barracks in Aldershot,joint services AMS training depot.
  4. basic is at pirbright 14weeks and keogh for 26 weeks
  5. Im considering joining as a CMT and when I leave the army being a paramedic, would the qualifications I get in the army allow me to join the ambulance service or would I have to train again?
  6. thats the plan here mate. There is a thing in place where you can do your paramedic quali's with the army now but don't know in detail so can anyone give more details????
  7. My Advisor brought this up without prompt that you would not be a qualified paramedic and their is also a 13 moth wait on slots being open for CMT.
  8. more then that mate i started my application over a year ago and i start in june the wait will be worth it tho as i wanna be a medic! If you want it bad enough
  9. Yeah 13 moths + whatever it takes you to do your app.
  10. Just to let you know.

    Most Ambulance Services are now degree level for Paramedic. So do not think being a CMT for 4 years Minimum service will get you to Paramedic level that you could transfer straight over to being a qualified Paramedic from the Army ('cos it won't) unless you stay longer than that...

    If you left then you would still have to do 3 years at Uni (With right academic quals behind you)

    So think if you want to be a Paramedic do not think the Army will do this for you. Army time as CMT plus Uni training = 7 half years!!!) Plus you say waiting time for CMT?

    I would advise you look at UCAS website before and check minimum requirements for University entrance so that you have the right quals as mostly require some A level certification...

    If you want to be a Paramedic at that is you life goal then maybe should focus on Uni as you would only be delaying what you want to really do.

    Just a bit of advice.. sure if I am wrong someone will correct me..
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  11. i thought the army had just brought in the change for medics to be able to get their paramedic quals?
  12. From 2012 all new enterants into ambulance services must have a degree in paramedic sciences.
  13. Its not about the army its what the Health professional council want, Paramedic is a protected title under law and as well as having the training you need to prove to the HPC that you are getting ALL the experience in a very wide range of skills and not just trauma.
    CMTs are not Paramedics at best they may be able to join the ambulance service as Technicans or maybe ECAs.
  14. all right mate chill was just asking a question and wanting an answer to something i had read
  15. Thought i had just answered it!