combat medical technician reserves training

I have recently joined my local reme unit as a cmt but nobody knows much about what will happen for my phase 2 training because of the unit being mechanical and electrical biased. Does anyone have any information about what training I would undertake and where. I am under the impression that I do my 16 days at Lichfield but not sure about the rest. Thanks guys.
146 field company. I've spoken to everyone at my unit but they don't really know how my training will work. I have been told I will possibly train with a local field hospital unit but I've also been told I could go to Strensall at weekends to train with the regular units there. I know with the mechanical based trades they have to do a 2 week introduction but not sure if I have to do anything similar or not.
The local Field Hospital Unit was utilized for training here...but that's because the local units are so far away from any established medical training facilities.

I believe there were trips to QE2 barracks for assessment and specialized training.

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