Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gazeranco, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Morning All,

    Do the skills/quals in the above named role apply to civvy street?

    So in other words, if I became a combat medical technician could I then get a job working on an ambulance alongside paramedics?

  2. No cause now the quals have changed for that area. but you prob would get to skip a lot of stuff and get sent on training while working like they do with the ppl who are transfering. depends what trust you go with. But ur most likely get picked as most dont have the basic quals since raised urm. hope helps xxx
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  5. If you mean alongside as in walking down the same corridors (but you will be the one with a mop in your hand) then yes
  6. God knows what aWAH is, but speaking as a paramedic ,being a CMT will not qualify you to do anything in the ambulance service.On the other hand if you apply to join an ambulance service and you have CMT on your CV it should help you get in.Once in you would have to do the same training as everyone else.Hope this helps and good luck if you do try.
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  9. I'm training to be a paramedic at the moment with the London Ambulance Service (not the uni route), we have ex regular combat medics on the course and even ex nurses they all have to start at the very bottom with people who have no medical background. If you want to be a paramedic either apply to uni or apply for the London Ambulance Service training course (go to nhs jobs website). You will need to get your C1 licence asap and you can get this for free through Ta.