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Hello i am new to the forum, i am interested in joining the TA as a Combat Medical Technician and i have a few questions to ask if possible please.

1) Is the recruitment continuious or is it done once or twice a year?

2) How long is the basic Military training and what does it involve.

3) Once the Military training is complete how long is the medical training and what does it involve?

4) What is a Combat Medical Technicians role in a war zone, is it to provide medical treatment at the base camp hospital or is it to go out on patrols with the regular soldiers and provide medical treatment there? Or both?

5) I work as a Firefighter at the moment so it wouldnt be possible for me to attend all the drill nights due to my shifts, would this pose a problem?

6) If i got accepted in the TA and i got ordered or volenteered to go to a war zone, how long are the tours are they 3 or 6 months?

7) Would my current employer freeze my pay whilst on tour and would the TA match my current salary or would i be paid the basic Army rate?

8 ) Can you start at the bottom as a First Aider and work your way upto Paramedic level?

Sorry if i sound abit clueless/naive i dont really know much about the TA but would love to contribute my time and efforts in joining and helping our current Soldiers who are serving overseas.

Thanks very much in advice.
Erm, with limited knowledge:

1) Continuous, but depending upon the unit they may already be full (atleast for a while)

2) I believe its 9 weekends per year plus 2 weeks camp, not too sure if you do more for the CMT side.

3) Im not too sure, your best bet would be to go down one night.

4) At this moment in time id say it was out on patrol with the lads, providing immediate first aid, so you'd be the one trying to hold his legs on whilst awaiting the helicopter.

5) I dont think ALL drill nights have to be attended, I believe you only have a set ammount to attend, most places are one every two weeks now anyway.

6) 6 months, plus pre deployment training, post tour leave etc etc

7) Yes your employer stops paying you but the Army matches your wage if its higher than the pay of your regular counterpart.

8 ) What? I think a CMT is a trained CMT, not a first aider you see when you have dust in your eye on a PFT.


You need to post on the RAMC board, I am sure you have to be a civilian Paramedic to join these days as a CMT. Ohterwise you might be able to join as a Health care assistant.

I could be wrong but better advised minds read the RAMC board.
A year between each course? What's that policy about and is it set in stone? I've been thinking about this trade myself and would have a number of months spare to complete all the trade training for it
Supposedly to get more experience or something along those lines. So I'm told anyway.
The 12 months between grades is the official line, unofficially I've heard from a couple of places they accept early applicants but I've got no evidence for the rumour. Also depends if your unit want to play ball and put you in for it, my PSI is happy to give me local rank for one course despite the requirements saying otherwise but won't turn a blind eye for this.
Regardless, I'm pretty sure you'd struggle to get 6 weeks worth of courses in a couple of months, especially in the current climate!
chickadee said:
my PSI is happy to give me local rank for one course
Sorry this is not his call, it is the OC who confers this.

If you are thinking of joining a unit that is non medical then there are limited oppertunities to become a CMT dependent on establishment
If you are wanting to join a Medical unit such as a field hospital then unfortunatley there is no establishment for new CMTS unless you are already a qulified working paramedic. The emphasis on recruitment is now on Health Care Assistant in Acute Care or Registered Nurse ( no longer commissioned)
CMTs in the Ta are being phase out due to Clinical Governenance and lack of oppertunity to maintain skills on real patients.

If you become a cmt with non medical units then you do the CMT training modules which are usually 2 weeks but you would have to pass a pre course test and wait 12 months between each classification test, there is as far as i am aware no minimum rank requirement to get on any of the Cmt courses although reaching CMT 2 usually gets you lance jack

As for deployment unless you can show current and competent as class 1 or paramedic and have done the barts/batls course then you will just be a REMF in the BMH

hope this is of use but to be totally sure you would need to contact the unit you want to join

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