Combat Medical Techinician

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by jimstark, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. How long it would take from signing up as a CMT to being ready to serve in Afghanistan?
  2. Not 100% but Basic is 14 weeks and CMT course is 6 months. Then there would be time spent at a Unit. Plus its taking between 6-12 months to get in the army at the moment. So you could be looking at a long old time!
  3. Thanks. Is 6-12 months longer than usual?
    I'm 25, so keen to get on with it - ideally I'd want to be out there within a year of joining up; I guess that's pretty unrealistic. It's not a popular move with family and friends, so I just thought the quicker I can get down to business the less painful a phase it would be!
  4. Probably best to ask your AFCO, but more around the 2 years including the waiting on joining times
  5. Where are you with your app at the moment?
  6. by the time I passed selection back in may 2009 until I start in march 8th 2010 (as a CMT), will be about a 10 month wait. As I understand, this wait is now considerably longer, but in my view its well worth it if thats your chosen career path. I have seen posts on here describing a 2 year wait for some jobs, but in the grand scheme of things, thats not long. And for those worried about "loosing out" on Afhgan, or not been involved in action, there will always be a call for medics whatever the current world situation, be it natural disasters, peace keeping operations or combat situations. Im sure that, sadly, there will be enough "work" to go round for everyone