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I currently reside in Canada in the province Saskatchewan,but am originally from Essex and have an interest in returning to the UK and joining the Military.I have been working for close to 9 years as an EMT/Primary Care Paramedic and would like to look at the possibility of becoming a CMT.Does anyone know if any of my qualifications would be helpful in obtaining this role,or is not really all that important to have previous training;i noticed the home page states that there are no specific prerequisites required and the training is provided 100% by the British Military.

I'm also having a difficult time finding out the details of a CMT's role.I'm looking for actual skills they can do such as Intubation,ACLS,specfic Pharmacology etc.

I would also like to know what a CMT can branch off in to,bare in mind i am 30,but in very good health,but would be an older applicant;i'm looking for the types of upgrades that may be oferred down road.

I know in Canada they typically deploy a person to Afghanistan for 6 months,soon to be 9,what is a typical deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq and is there a break at home before you get sent back.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Stick this in the medics forum. You'll get a pile of old pony from most but some might be able to give you some sane advice. Good luck!
Forastero said:
Stick this in the medics forum. You'll get a pile of old pony from most but some might be able to give you some sane advice. Good luck!
Tell me please your not a MOD and thats a fake? 8O

480 posts and joined less than a year ago........... :)
Are you like SF MOD then?


What do you think, brains? Think this is my only ID? Oh gosh, look at me, I'm so clever, I've only been here 5 mins and the COs love me. I must go out and tell the big boys. :roll:
Thanks for the advise Forastero.I'm still figuring out how things work with all the forums and other options available to me on the site.
Its because Forastero has no real idea of the Army its current state and rather obviously due to his lack of constructive input is not a member of the Royal Army Medical Corps, granted he pointed you in the direction of the Medical Suffice to say the RAMC is 200+ short on JNCOs and cannot fulfill its manning committments.
Thanks for the information,it's nice to know there are plenty of CMT jobs available.I was a little worried about availability,as recruiters will only ever tell you there are spots,but never a hint at how many.
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