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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by stevechap, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    Im going through the joining stage at the moment, Done my BARB and got 61 which im happy with, got my second interview on 15th nov and my one day phy test at chepstow on 7th dec.

    Im very interested in the Combat Medical Technician job and its my number one choice.

    Does anyone know where i would/could be based in that role? And anyone who is a CMT i would very much enjoy the chance to get some insider knowledge of the job and what it would involve.

    Thanks - Steve
  2. Do you want to know if you'll be applying suncream in a dangerous location?
  3. oh i know for sure i will be deployed and i will know doubt be at an POB out on patrol after patrol, im ready for that. The idea of playing such a crucial part, and potentially saving a life is the reason i want to train as a CMT. I know the training for CMT is 22 weeks but not sure where i could/would be based in the UK. The gf wants to know you see haha.
  4. You complete 14 weeks basic training at ATR Pirbright. Trade training is 27 weeks, at the Defence Medical Services Training Group at Keogh Barracks near Aldershot. This is split in to three phases. This includes a theoretical phase, a practical phase and a final confirmation of skills phase.

    I can't seem to find the page with this information but if I do I shall post the link.
  5. whats with all the colour, stings my bloody eyes
  6. If you have a look for combat med tech using the search function, there's a pretty good thread. If you haven't already.
    Got a wee bit more information from people who served or are still serving.
    Enjoy your tent building :)
  7. great info jammie thanks! Where would/could i be based, at which barracks? i want to be based as close to newcastle as possible you see.
  8. Why do you want to be based near Newcastle? Is that where Mummy lives? Good grief, it used to be that we joined up to get away from home!
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  9. Have you got your own car, Aldershot to Newcastle on a Friday afternoon will take hours
  10. You'll be based wherever the Army wants you. It's as simple as that.
  11. Not if you fail. You tit.
  12. wow thats great encouragement lol. seems to be a mix on this forum. and no its not where mummy lives, it where wife and family are...
  13. They had best get used to moving lots and living in a small crap house :) Good luck!
  14. Chepstow lol, have fun there! I just had pre-ADSC on wednesday at beachley barracks. Day of phys, PFT then a thrashing at the end for an hour. Good times.

    Interview 1 & 2 tomorrow/tuesday, CMT is my 2nd choice. The phase 2 location for CMT wasn't listed on my job print out though?
  15. I guess you didn't read my first post on this topic then?