Combat Load

Eternal problem - solved by having lighweight mobile transport close at hand to carry the replens. WW2 Bren carriers - doctrinally superb and massively practical + v cheap and reliable. Easy way to surge the capability of our light forces quickly. Instead we're fixed to hugely expensive odysseys based on unrealised technology....

Airlanding forces at Market Garden had handcarts to shift extra food and ammo until they came into contact!
This Book may also be interesting "The Soldier's load and The Mobility of a a Nation"
By Colonel A.L.A.Marshall
it can be bought from
Marshall writes all about the problems of overloading the combat soldier
an excellent book even though it was written 55 years ago .
It is also quite hard to get a hold of
I had a good look at that article and they have the weights VERY wrong
7 mags weight 480 grams a mag not 900
A helmet and armor 24 pounds? thats 11 kilos, a yank helmet weights 1.5 kilos
gears heavy but not that heavy.
They are saying that guys are going into combat carrying over 45 kilos Without
Their Rucksacks !.
This topic keeps popping up all over the place. Most of those who write these articles take kitlists from Brecon Courses to try and sensationalise the issue. By the time a jock has been in for a few years he knows what he can and can't take on an exercise and in to ops.
I recently ran a PJNCO Cadre and the kit list was taken from the SCBC list. Items such as 3 pairs of 95 trousers, 3 shirts, 2 jackets, 1 pair of trainers and two norwegian shirts all take up a shedload of space and are not required. Yet the kit list remains unchanged. Adding batteries, ammo and scoff simply increases the weight to the point of stupidity.

Without ammo, water, batteries and scoff the weight for a week in the field can be as low as 30-35lbs. This includes sleeping system, spare clothes, magazines, all belt kit, etc. Sure, you can plan for the worst case scenario and take the whole house with you in order to remain supremely comfortable at all times but is that what this job is about? Of course, in order to get the weight down that low some civie kit has to be procurred. Different roll mat, zoot suit, decent waterproof socks and a better bivvie bag can all drop the weight significantly.

But you all already know this. It would just seem to be the army that don't. I just can't WAIT for FIST to roll out and for the amount of spare kit that will be carried then!
There is a breakdown of an infantry soldier's fighting kit in Army Training News 13 or 14.

It lists the weight of each weapon and piece of equipment, batteries, 2 water bottles, the ammunition scale (and weights) and came to a little over 70lbs.

List did not include rations, clothing or sleeping system.
That bloody sleeping bag takes half your bergan up even after compressing the crap out of it and the bivvy bag which I have yet to actually manage to fold it back to the tiny littly square the CQMS issued me as, because I'm a short arse my bergan sits on the top of my webbing pouches, and the MOD really thinks it has some of the best equipped troops in the world.

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