Combat Jump Recognition

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lower_Jumper, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Is there an attached device or similar type of symbolism to denote a combat jump on Brit jump wings?

    I asked this question on a couple of U.S. Paratrooper websites but failed to get an accurate response.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Slightly irrelevant if the last 'combat jump' was nearly 70 years ago don't you think?

    I await airborne backlash.
  3. No mate there isnt, you get a certificate signed by the pilot and a framed profile picture of your face as you step into the void
  4. Beat me to it. Wasn't the last attempt a mad 16Bde attempt to bin the second half of the TELIC invasion and get some jumps in up in North Iraq?
  5. No. I don't think so. But thanks for asking.
  6. but but the SRDG jumped into serria leone :twisted:
  7. No AB back lash from me- it is what it is. Does that mean we should scrap the airborne- no i dont think so, any more than we should scrap the marines but that's for a different thread!!!!

    No- there is no device to denote a combat jump on the standard British jump wing.

    If I recall in WW2 SAS wings were worn on the arm and then moved to the chest to denote that you had carried out an operation (More than willing to be corrected here) and this was the same with SOE wings as well.
  8. 1956 actually.

    No, there is no 'combat jump' recognition.

    Today's Government and generals will never allow us to jump. Am I bothered?

    Not really.
  9. Roger that. Thanks for the quick response.

  10. Fourth response mentions the glorious RAF Reg't.

    You lot are slipping.
  11. No.
  12. Because they were told to stop being silly.
  13. AAA :wink:
  14. No quite that long ago as we jumped into Suez, though not the same intensity as the drops in the last world war. Damn, i was bit late getting that one in :oops:
  15. Is there not some sort of recognition badge on US uniforms to show that the soldier has a body mass index of less than 80 and another one to signify that there is some basic bodily response to having a bright light shone into their eyes. I think Frasier summed it up best with his classic ...'US marine eh? Didn't you surf into Grenada.....?'