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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Busterdog, May 28, 2005.

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  1. Just perused the 'Who's got the most medals?' thread on the Seniors site.

    Must confess I'm impressed with the number of individuals on the site sporting several rows of ribbons. When I joined the only people with more than one row of ribbons were the WW2 vets who had also served in the Korean War,
    most of them had also served in Palestine and the Malayan campaign, later those who remained also added the "New" GSM with bars for campaign service in Borneo, S.Arabia, Radfan etc. our last WW2 vet finally added the NI bar to his collection in the early to mid 1970s. Even those with DSOs, MCs, DCMs, MMs, OBEs, MBEs etc. never managed more than 11 or 12. I was in an infantry regiment.

    Now I'm not knocking Corps but I always thought it odd that personnel who had not seen so much as an angry man (apart, perhaps, from the operators of a mobile bath unit who ran out of hot water) on operations were awarded the same campaign medals as the infantry. Has the idea of a Combat Infantry Badge (rather like the US Army has) ever been considered?
  2. I doubt it, the word "badge" sticks out to me...

    Although i do agree, it is a bit of a shame the glory days of the infantry, in the medal stakes are gone. Now it is those in the Corps who are more in demand. Gone are the days of simply pillaging to sustain an army of hungry infantiers
  3. The Infantry remains the only reason for 'the Corps'.
    Corps are not there to simply support each other.
    These latest changes, cutting Infantry and increasing Corps is grossly flawed.
  4. We get the rosette on our Telic medals to indidcate having been involved in the Fighting . Please dont forget either that it is not just the Infantry that does the fighting !!!
  5. I think (and you all kow by now that I'm infantry) that the corps should be given the same medals. They go out on patrol and are at risk. they might not be the front line in a battle/skirmish but they still go and live in a hostile country and put themselves at risk whether they are providing a gate guard or sitting behind a computer screen in a prefab. there is always the potential for them to come to harm and we all know it. We all provide a vital part of the army we should all get the same. I do not resent REME and Sigs or RMPs having the same medals as me. They were there they earned them.
  6. Haven't Corps pers always qualified for the same medals?
    A difference sometimes is just in clasps/devices to the ribbon, which Corps qualify for as well depending where they served.
  7. RC,

    Although in the context of warfighting your assumption has some truth, there are plenty of other ops accross the spectrum of conflict where actually the corps are the on the Main Effort and the infantry are merely supporting by providing protection. For example: Medics and Loggies in Rwanda. Even in warfighting, in deep ops, the infantry support the Air Corps and Artillery by providing protection of operating bases and equipment.

    The nature and diversity of modern operations are such that your simple (grunt) logic no longer holds true.

  8. The 1914 Star was awarded tyo all those who served in France & Belgium between 5 Aug and 22 Nov 1914. The clasp to the star was awarded to those who had actually been under fire during that period.

    A link about the CIB is here:
    The context of the introduction of the CIB is different from today's context.

    There was a British wound badge suring WW1 which was a strip of brass metal that looked like two lines of gold stitching which was worn on the cuff of the jacket and a Silver Wound Badge which was worn in civilian clothes. I understand that there will be an official veterans badge issued soon (but I don't know any more than that).

  9. A Combat Infantry Award for British Infantry, hmm! Yeah all for it. Provided there is a definative Front Line that we REMFs, canjust deliver to without much risk of being killed on the way upto.

  10. What I said still holds true.
    Your description of "modern" operations isn't necessariy that "modern"
    You describe a secondary role of Infantry which is not new.
  11. Well said that man - there are no 'front lines ' on the modern battlefield; It is a multi-dimensional battlespace (surely that wins me buzzword bingo in one??!!)
  12. Sorry mate, for that you need to have said 'network enabled' at least twice:wink: