Combat Indicators to an Officers Wife...?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by NonGrad, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. Reading the following (rather good) blog:

    Lady_Humphrey on Army Wives

    Prompted me to ask myself:

    What are the combat indicators to identifying an Army Officer's Wife?

    I had in my mind:
    [align=center]Green Wellies
    Barbour Body Warmer (Chinese Fighting Jacket style)
    Black Lab
    Pearl Necklace (steady...!)
    Alice Band[/align]

    Now... I know the 'Chinese Fighting Jacket' has been replaced by the sleeveless 'North Face' puffa-thing. Are there any other updates to the traditional image now that they: earn more than us, are more organised, generally better educated; and more likely to chest prod the CO and less keen on Coffee Mornings than their 'predecessors'?
  2. "More likely to chest-prod".... it's a certainty.

    Mrs.G has so far: put a CO right back in his box, been "open and forthright" with a GOC, and fairly honest with a Colonel-in-Chief.

    ...most of these experiences made for entertaining watching. Only one had me wanting the earth to open - and that only because I hadn't sussed that the bloke in the Colonel's mess dress looked a bit familiar because he was the Div Comd.

    It was right up there with the time I mistook DInf for a random LE Capt at a Bde conf.....
  3. How about- (in Germany) trying to remember why she isn't with her friends earning pots of cash in the job she did her degree for rather than stuck in a quarter looking after the kids whilst husband is in Iraq/ Afghanistan/ etc again?

    Mind you, that would go for large chunks of the Sergeants' Mess as well were it not for the fact that they seem to be better at sortig out Married Unaccompanied...
  4. Line up an identity parade of women and hide 1 x Officer's Wife in amongst them, what will give her away?
  5. Regimental jumper, regimental scarf and regimental watch strap!
  6. The volvo estate is a good combat indicator. However, the Audi estate seems to be rising in popularity.
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    She understands the rank structure pretty well then :)
  8. Ah, but what year? Volvo Estates are bought up readily by ranks as Volvo do some nice deals in Germany and the buy back deals are very encouraging. I've always found that the higher the rank, the more clapped out the Volvo. As for Audi? That's a non-starter as well (pardon the pun) as the more sportier the Audi, the more SNCOish the owner.........oh, and some Techy JNCOs.

    For a while, I did notice a popularity amongst the Offiecrs wives for the big Peugeot 406 estate and it's predecessor, which was equally a large bloody car.

    Having been Cav in my early years (hey, I was young and I needed the money), I think that I grew up with the 'sterotypical' Officers Wife (blue stockings/pearl necklace/Alice Band.........conjurs up quite kinky wee image that does), but over the years, I've found that it is getting difficult (apart from some of the obvious examples at either end of the spectrum) to tell the difference. Same with Officers themselves.
  9. I agree with the old Pug 407s - definitely an Officer's car! The Merc estates seem quite popular around here for families. Audis are only popular with the subbies and young Capts. The wives without kids like the Minis (and I swear I am going to report one young thing if she tries running me over again - she drives round the Garrison like a bat out of hell).

  10. It's all down to names. If they're not actually called Sophie, Arabella, etc then it is some daft nickname like 'Ploppy' 'Charlie' or 'Poohey'
  11. You are all concentrating too heavily on the physical ......the major (excuse the pun) CI, particularly among the "been in longer than 5, but less than 10 years" group, is the assumption that by accident of marriage husband's rank has somehow been officially extended to include the entire family!
    Beware the queue jumper how proclaims loudly "I'm Mrs Capt/Maj/Lt Col Someone or other, and I'm in a dreadful rush"
  12. As an Army wife I have no idea what the answer to that question is and when this particular wife was approached I was nowhere near anything with four wheels - my pram has three - and so far none of the up to date attributes that you have mentioned were evident.
  13. I find this interesting as it resonates with the stereotype I have in my mind. One could argue that it is a phase that all our other halves are at risk of going through: After 5 years of marriage, the combination of:

    1) A realisation that their husband is not going to leave the Army and swan into the City and become the next Gordon Gecko;


    2) The illusion that by getting to Major he really is going places,

    encourages her to transpose her husband's rank into their married life. After another 5 years she grows out of it.

    ... or is it specific to the current crop of people that remember the 'good 'ol days' of "Mrs Maj Smythe"?
  14. It must depend on the Regt - none of the wives (less one) in my Regt utilises or thinks they have their husbands rank. Most are either busy commuting to their better paid jobs in the SW UK or are trying not to go mad on the patch.

    The days of marrying onto the army are long gone - it is just your husbands job not your life. Mrs M is certainly not shy of telling the CoC that things are awful and wrong.

    The army has to realise that wives will no longer meekly follow their husbands to ridiculous postings if it means giving up their well (and probably better paid) job.

    Rant over
  15. Officers wives = the mad, the bad and the sad in my experience.

    They always fit in to one or more of the above categories.

    I am really not a fan of the "I am privately educated and the "wife of"" attitude you as they cast a look at me which sings of "grunt shagger". I have been known to rip a few shreds off them throughout the years and their husbands too for that matter - and deserved too.

    I was always told treat people as they treat you!

    And in this group of womens cases they usually just cry out "I need a really hard SLAP" to me. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this urge! :shakefist: