Combat indicators for shirt lifters

The wife's nephew displays a number of indicators of effeminacy. He is 22.

She has had a blue with her sister for pointing out the lad might be ginger.

I am staying out of it, but would like to compile a checklist of poofter characteristics for the mrs to present her sister.

Jarrod, no photies or phone numbers.

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Having an Uncle called Bushmills?
Much prefers having sex with a member (ooer missus) of the same gender?

That might be a bit of a give away.
What does a bright red nose and a load of bog roll in your pocket and the smell of mentholyptus indicate?

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You've been face bummed by a koala,
Does he do gardening on a hill?

Is his wood-wind instrument of choice pink?

Does he know colours that only women can see, such as taupe, cerise, eau de thingy?

Does he like musicals?

Are his bedroom posters of Tom Daly?
Does he close his eyes when you kiss him?

(Although of necessity you have to keep yours open to see if he does or not. Will this be a problem for you?)

Does he have any Judy Garland or Lisa Minelli records?

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