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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by mish123, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi Everybody have just passed my first interview and am joining the agc as a combat human resources specialist is there anybody here that would like to share any information about the job if they have worked in it :) e.g. like what goes on at work on a normal work day. What the sport is like (basketball team) and what regiments anybodys been attached to. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. Thats a bit of a mouthfull, surely its easier to just say 'clerk'!
  3. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    First of all forget the sexed up name of "Combat Human Resource Specialist" you are a clerk!

    Second, if you like sunlight choose another trade.

    Third, choose another trade.

    Fourth, ask for an Infantry Bn.

    Fifth, choose another trade.

    Ignore the above, I am just bitter and twisted.
  4. dizzy.chick

    dizzy.chick Clanker Book Reviewer

    Hi Mish, the OH is a clerk (yes that is what you will be). As far as I can tell the normal day is thus;
    0700 breakfast
    0730 arrive at RHQ to find your desk is burried somewhere under about 12 tonnes (thats metric tonnes) of forms
    0945 when you have worked through the 12 tonnes of forms left on the desk you get to email the significant other (so long as the boss doesnt see) it is also time for your erm lets be kind and say third cup of tea.
    between 1000 and 1500 depending on how good you are at avoiding work you can probably have a few more cups of tea and piss off about a 1/3 of the regt by rejecting claims or "losing" paperwork etc. there should also be time for a nice relaxed lunch in here somewhere.
    1500-1700 should be spent "doing work" I have understood this to mean emailing me and ordering crap off amazon.
    at 1700 a trip to the gym or spar depending on your preference. Be warned though clerks in the gym are very easy to spot as they are whiter than the pile of paperwork on the desk, they also tend to run slower due to not moving their legs all day.
    1730 a clerks day is done. You may be permitted to socialise with the rest of the regt but be prepared for several insults my fav to date has been, "Mr Dizzy, I am sorry for taking the piss for years your job is very special, All Girls Corp, SPECIAL Pen Service"

    Enjoy it mish!
  5. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Having you at home no wonder your OH spends so much time at work. Now be a good girl and get the ironing done.
  6. You might feel too embarrassed to let your family and friends know what you do for a living, so I'd suggest telling them you play the piano in a brothel instead.
  7. dizzy.chick

    dizzy.chick Clanker Book Reviewer

    I'm not trusted with the iron anymore :(
  8. But at least you're honest. And that's a good thing.
  9. Well I am becoming a clerk because Its the route in the army that I must take before I become an accountant I have studied at college for 3 years doing accountancy passing AAT Level 2,3,4 and was going to go to university and do CIMA a management degree in accountancy but didn't like the thought of coming out after three years and being 25 grand in debt. When I can do this degree for alot cheaper here whilst working as a clerk. Also Im joining the army so I am not always in the office and can pursue my sporting passions and be able to gym as much as possible. I hope that its not true that clerks miss out on the sporting activities. I do not mind if I am worked hard because would rather that than dossing all day in an office clockwatching.
  10. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer


    You not even going to be a proper clerk.
  11. My bold; firstly why must you take this course? Secondly, as a clerk I hope your grammar and spelling improve. Don't use the "it's only the internet" - standards are standards.
  12. <chuckles quietly to self>

    Has anyone pointed this thread in Sluggy's direction?
  13. Since no right-minded male would join the AGC, I assume that you are female. On that basis, you will pass out, and within 12 months get issued your G10 WRAC-arrse, as you feed your new found addiction to Peperami from the Spar.

    On that basis, the only exercise you will be getting is the weekend nailing from the pissed-up deviants in Support Coy, or attached REME Armr.
  14. It's not a must it's the degree I want to do my mistake. Also my apologies for my terrible grammar I am currently in a lesson and my teacher is shouting abuse at me whilst on these forums :)
  15. So the choice is 3 years as a student; doing very little work, getting regularly drunk, getting even more regularly porked - or - flogging a JPA terminal to death for at least 6 - 9 years before you are even eligible for selection for the CIMA course - a course BTW, that almost every other pay gadger wants to do and which only has limited utility in the big wide world because your experience is limited to the military.