Combat Games - Procurement Volunteer

I'm looking for a volunteer to go forth into SL and research what combat type games are possible and after some digging buy one or hire someone to build one (paid for by ARRSE Second Life donations).

This needs time, some forum research in the SL forums, trying different games (an in-game search for 'combat sim' will produce quite a few) and sending a few IMs to see if we can buy a copy, or get a copy / improved version built by someone.

I think this is one of the most important things that the island needs to have after the NAAFI.
Tanks would also be good.

I don't think we'll worry about virtual Bowman quite yet though.
Good idea, I don't have time myself but I'll ask my nephew, he's a student. What's the budget? PPP of PFI? Lord Drayson for IPTL?
Thanks - the budget is actually quite a lot for this as compared with the cost of running the island, anything is cheap! I would say that it is almost unlimited by SL standards where you can buy a very flash virtual pad for a few quid. Definitely worth getting a few quotes if possible before we cough up though.
I have some tanks and Helis, not great quality but they usually go for about L$600. Helis are better quality... but you need a lot of room to use them.

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