Combat Footage in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by rbarnes182, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. Would I be wrong in assuming that Canadians have the most under appreciated fighting force in NATO? They seem real professional and everyone seems to know what to do with the least amount of yelling (at least from the videos.)Yet,they dont seem like publicity hounds.
  2. Not really, I think that they are getting a fair amount of media coverage over here currently, probably more than the septics. It's great to see the 3 Para battlegroup do such a professional job over there. Well done.
  3. Kind of grabs you by the balls to think that people back home will turn that over to see the X Factor results!
  4. Have to agree with Ronnie on this. I was back home in Canada when the heavier fighting kicked off, and there was massive media coverage of the fighting, but obviously mainly of Canadian troops. I came back to the UK and it was mainly UK troops on the news, but nary a mention of Canadian troops.

    In an ideal world everyone would have equal coverage everywhere, as we're all on the same side, fighting the same war, but at the end of the day normal joe canuck is going to be more interested in canadian troops than brit, and vice versa, and the news agencies cater to these desires.

    my 2p anyways
  5. we were told on optag the first clip was a medic, a vm and siggie. must have been trying to put the shits up us!!
  6. I was looking at them on youtube myself only last night.

    Do a searh for "Helmand".
  7. 3 PARA are going to be totally impossible when they get back! If you thought that PARAs were an arrogant bunch before then wait out!

    But they've earned it.
  8. Is there anyway to download this annoyingly-embedded-flash down onto my hard drive, or do I have to keep going to the site? They would be pretty good for presentations etc...
  9. Swede fella Google "Download You tube" or something similar and it will list a raft of ways of nicking the stuff off.
    You do have to download some software tho' done it last week, quite simple to do.
  10. here -->

    Quick, simple and it works!

    You will need a player that can play .flv files though. I recommend VLC player. If your computer can handle it, it can play it.

    Also, I am sure you can find some way to convert .flv into other formats. Never done it before though.
  11. I was speaking to a guy at dinner a couple of nights ago. HE said he was speaking to a QM of an Engineer squadron who have just returned from Afghanistan. The QM said that 98% of the squadron had fired their weapons in anger over the tour!