Combat Flight Simulator

Recently picked this up, but am unfortunately lacking a manual for it. It looks to be a good game, but I'm having some difficulty getting to grips with it.

Is a joystick a neccessity? Or can it be played well enough by keyboard alone? At present I've only tried with the keyboard, and seem to end most flights in an uncontrolled spin into the ground. Is this just me being a computer game biff, or is a joystick likely to improve this?

Any tips welcomed.

Great old sim. What you need is a full scale mock up of a Spitfire cockpit, full leather flying rig with goggles and panchant for killing the hun. :D

Seriously, you need a joystick.
Ah, a great old game!

A joystick makes life far far easier, but I got by for a while using the keyboard.

If you like stuff like that, i'd strongly recommed trying IL2-Sturmovik (it's latest and final incarnation is IL2 1946)


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you really need a joystick for any kind of smooth control.

how much you spend is entirely down to you, but as with most things, the more you pay, generally the better the kit you'll end up with.
MS joysticks (if you can still find them, as they arent in production any more) are absolutely bombproof in terms of build and give you pretty much everything you need. failing that, Saitek or Logitech are your next best thing.
If you can still find a Saitek X45 for sale, I'd grab that - cheaper than the X52 and I prefer the rudder control on the throttle. or if you really want to go mad, buy a Cougar - they are total pc gaming porn. (except like a spacker, I didnt read the manual before I installed mine and the drivers are all skewiffy. which I still havent gotten round to fixing.)

X45 for sale here - you can still get the drivers off the Saitek website, and they're the next best thing to the Cougar IMO.
Tartan_Terrier, if you want a manual, let me know which CF Sim you want it for as I have a couple of these sims with a similar same name.


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