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After recently joining the Territorial Army I started preparing for my CFT in my own time however I have been told that I am not allowed to wear uniform, boots or carry a Bergen outside of drill nights or exercises. My question is how are you supposed to get to the required fitness level in the TA to pass the CFT if you cannot carry weight or wear military footwear? I go running and to the gym throughout the week but Tabbing is its own physical discipline and needs prior training before conducting a CFT assessment. I was in the regulars before joining the TA and spent many nights and sunday afternoons tabbing in preparation for courses etc so why can't I do it in the TA?
Really? Who told you that. I wear my Bergen and Boots when out training, you need to wear your boots to break them in. I think someone is having a laugh with you. all through my training we were all encouraged to get out with our kit and break it in / improve our fitness etc.
Hi Ben_surfsup,

It came from RHQ... They said it was for insurance reasons. I agree you need to break in your boots and get used to carrying weight. I am ex-regular and found this very strange as I had no problems when I was in.

You can wear what you want. Army boots are just black boots at the end of the day, lots of people wear black boots.

I often train with my Army boots and my bergen. I wear civvy track suit bottoms, civvy t-shirt and put a cover over the bergen - no need to draw attention to yourself.

I would not wear this in populated areas, mainly because I probably look a bit of a berk, but if you out in the hills you won't stand out from anyone else, have you seen the outlandish gear hill-walkers wear?

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