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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by scartissue, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. After recently joining the Territorial Army I started preparing for my CFT in my own time however I have been told that I am not allowed to wear uniform, boots or carry a bergen outside of drill nights or exercises. My question is how are you supposed to get to the required fitness level in the TA to pass the CFT if you cannot carry weight or wear military footwear? I go running and to the gym throughout the week but Tabbing is its own physical discipline and needs prior training before conducting a CFT assessment. I was in the regulars before joining the TA and spent many nights and sunday afternoons tabbing in preparation for courses etc so why can't I do it in the TA?
  2. Seems a bit of a no brainer to me. surely you can just go and practice where they cant see you???
  3. I would sooner do it with the approval of the unit!
  4. Why don't you just buy an old military Bergen off the interwebs, fill it with the weight that you'll be carrying while on regular TA duty and go tabbing around the hills/countryside/parks in your area? You could also just use a regular backpack, if buying an old Bergen isn't feasible.
  5. The G4 staff probably can't sleep when kit leaves the stores. As for wearing boots in public, does your unit enforce this? Is the TAC caretaker out patrolling the streets, checking for blatant forces footwear flouting! Would have thought that as an ex reg you would have a gucci pair for ex,OPs and AFTs?
  6. F*cks sake, if you are that worried, get yourself some lightweights, boots and a civvy bergan from Millets or some other similar shop and crack on. Solutions, not problems.
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  7. The reason I won't go out and buy the kit is because I never had to do it as a regular. We were encouraged to get out in our spare time at my last unit especially if a fitness assessment was coming up or before going on a course.
  8. Cabana,

    What I am trying to get across is that if the TA want you to be fit they should assist in this by letting you do exactly what other regular units do and encourage people to get out and train in their spare time and not provide barriers or problems. I will not go out and buy lightweights as these are no longer current uniform and will look chod. I am not in-experienced and have more than enough years and operational tours under my belt to know that going out in civi kit will just make you look like a walt. Also I want my issued boots to be broken in before using them for fitness assessments.
  9. 6 miles in 90 minutes. My unit has never stopped me practising in issue boots or bergan, I suspect fatty the storeman is making up porkies to save face.
  10. Driver I can still do a CFT (8 miles) with 25kg sub 1hr 45min so hardly a biff!

    I am looking for some official clarification as I have not been able to find it at the unit as the OC is under the same belief. As Polar69 said it is probably down to everyone carrying extra timber and finding ways out of having to conduct physical fitness in their spare time.
  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Devastatingly they are actually still an issue item. I wear a pair of civvie crag-hoppers when on my own tab runs. Had no idea that wearing civvies was considered waltish to be honest, but at this stage in my decrepitude that's the least of my worries.

    My only time with the Regs in the UK was based in N.Ireland where any form of uniform clothing off-base was positively discouraged for obvious reasons. My Pln Sjt at the time encouraged us all to splurge on civvie hiking kit so that we could go tabbing up the local mountains. Not sure that Northface would have been enough to help a platoon of cockneys, Geordies, Brummies, a Ghanian, a Jamaican, a Pakistani and two Fijians blend in with the local populace, but there you go. I still use the stuff.
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  12. RP578,

    Maybe waltish is the wrong term. I did however see one guy running through the woods in civi boots, craghoppers and a military bergen with the rocket pouches on and he looked like a bag of s**t. I believe in values and standards and that bloke just looked a mess.

    I agree with the North Face thing, I see it everyday. You can spot the soldier from a mile off. Army seem to like North Face and Marines like RAB from my experience. My favourite is the Paratrooper who refuses to wear a jacket in the winter so his maroon T Shirt is constantly on show.
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  13. Scart - I recognise and agree with the point that there is a need for the TA as a whole to standardise such matters as when and if to use uniform/issue gear when off duty to do fizz training.

    In my "official" view as a TA NCO of 17 years standing (and three tours before anyone starts being a prat) I can tell you that like reular soldiers have done for years the way most TA bods deal with things like the "rules" you have been given - ignore the idiot, "enabling" wasters and get on with it.

    In your particular instance, I take it from your claim to a 1.45 8 miler with 25kg that you are airborne. If you are looking at the tab training for the purposes of acclimatising your body to the loaded run then so be it but a good level of fitness will enable you to do the necessary - 6 miles in 90 minutes - with ease. We only do the proper AFT in preparation for, or during, mobilisation.
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  14. Driver_log to me it seems your the one who constantly makes bone posts having read some of your posts on other forums. To me it looks like you like to bounce from forum to forum gobbing off and rather than providing any actual substance. I want clear clarification not advice from a six pint drinking, CFT god. I want to be able to quote a regulation or something that tells us we can conduct physical training according to military standards.

    ST Out!
  15. Normal sort of Rucksack, one of those rucksack liners filled with sand to the required weight and off you go. Happy days