Combat fashions through the years...

As a full screw in training once told me 'ITS NOT A F***ING FASHION PARADE'. Well, now that I am no longer a crow, I would like to dispute that!

Having seen many a combat fashion, I was wondering how many ARRSE, in its infite wisdom (huh hmmmmmmm) could come up with. Its an open forum for old and bold along with young thrusters, Regular, TA and SAS/ PARA/Cadets and includes both the purchase and wearing of clothing/equipment.

Here are a few to get the ball rolling:

- The wearing of Combat trousers with no twisters so they hang very low. (yes, i am guilty of this)
- The wearing of a 58 pattern belt when your parents werent even born in 58 let alone the fact you were never issued with one!
- Lowe Alpine hats before the new 'Deputy Dog' hat replacement was issued.
- The good old North Face jacket
- Turning up of combat jackets/smocks above the wrists (a particular favourite of mine)
- Sliding bayonets into the MOLLE loops of OSPREY
- Rubber rim on helmet (Mk6 and beyond - NBC boot or Landy inner tube)

to name but a your own time..........GO ON!

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Getting your DMS boots extended with another 4 lace holes on top. *

OGs and OG shirts instead of TML and shirts hairy

Berghaus Roc rucksack instead of 58 pattern largepack

Green Tog 24 fleece, in its day, the only show in town for stags untill the advent of Hollofill duvet jacket.

For the real avant garde - Shell suit made out of old parachute

Green Peter Storm in the pre gortex era

Not to forget away from the field...

Bleached No2 shirt for that almost-white look in barrack dress?

Surely not issue Clarks desert boots with No2 / barrack dress trousers??

* only years later did we discover this was done at the cobblers just up from the old mead and tomkins showroom in hereford :worship:
Only ironing the outside of the lightweights so you got that "I've been in twenty years, look how how my trousers have faded" look.

Custom tabards from the little shop in Warminster Camp, complete with a full set of Lumocolour pens.

Leather soled 2 dress shoes from the cheap shop in Strutton Ground so you could make clicky sounds when in Barrack Dress around Chelsea and on SDS to impress the girlies in Regents Park Barracks during your stop at the naafi.

Now THOSE were the days.
Scrim scarves - worn like a cravat. 8)
Zip-its - "WTF do you like like? Get them off NOW!" 8O
Pace beads
Knitted cuffs
Bits of tape over buttons - reduces IRR, dontcha know :roll:
Smock sleeves rolled up a couple of turns revealling massive sparkly submariners' / pilots' watch
58 webbing pouches altered to dangle below the belt a la Them.
Elastic chopped off helmet cover and / or scrim scarf over the lid.
Windproof smocks
Jungle boots
LMG mags on SLR
Anything tropical

Odd to see some of these coming back into fashion again.....


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Having woad applied when on Wall duty, as well as cropping the bottom of the leather and steel kilt to make it look ally. And, having extra bits of metal added to your sandals to make the clicking sound as you walk along the wall.
Roll pin belt on your 58 webbing, pouches sewn together, metal water bottle - and my all time favourite:

The shaping of berets that would make any RSM's head explode.

North Face/Berghaus/Hagloffs windstopper (must be in black) worn under smock on exercise - Softies no longer ally.

Claymore Bags (Or tailored equivlant - Not feck off great big grab bags)

Cooking on Gas

Non wearing of twisters

"Fireflys" on Daysacs (The little light source ones not the big feck off electric ones)

Writing your blood type + Zap number on kit (yes practical, but also ally)

Well shaped bush hats

A smock that looks like it's been ran over by a battlegroups worth of armoured vehicles (hood compulsary)

Link, of any sort on show

Infact the holding of any belt fed weapon, yes it's heavy but you look damned good.

Can't think of anymore at the moment...
As said above,

Jungle or windproof Combats, KSBs, Norweigen jumper (still miss mine!!!), belt full of 58 and 44 pattern pouches and cutting the shovel attachment off of the yoke, all sprayed up prior to exercise and then going out and buying civvi (MagMor) pouches one at a time because they were expensive
Jungle boots, keeping the canvas bit green, not polished.
51mm ammo bag as map bag.
2 Bum rolls, no kidney pouches just the good old water bottle pouchs.
Silver (not fecking stay-bite) cap badge.
Strapping the kidney pouches low so that the poncho roll was worn above them.

PRI shirts instead of hairy marys (yep I confess)

Shirt collar only sewn in your jersey, so that you can just wear a t shirt underneath, with clear ironed into the patches so they went like concrete.

NI boots when you did not have the corresponding medal. :threaten:

Taping a FFD to your shoulder strap cos it looks warry :roll: SOP says top left pocket (or it did in those days - even though there was that FFD pouch on your trousers)

Cutting up a combat jacket to cover your helmet - whats wrong with hessian? and like you see it when its scrimmed up anyway fcuking retards.
Sewn in creases on wooly pully
Sewn on commando stripes (black ones on a green square)
Two's shirt with no arms.
Oh I forgot one.

Screwgate Karabiners on Bergen and webbing for "River Crossings" (On Catterick Training Area...) or securing Bergens together as an underslung load for Helo's (that rarely appear and rarely need kit underslung).

Face it, we put them there because we think they look good...

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