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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Fraser, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. Tactical Recognition Flashes appear to be en vogue at the moment. Does anybody know of any plans to introduce a TRF for the Int Corps? If not, any thoughts on whether or not we should go down this line?

    Authorised Tactical Recognition Flashes
  2. Shh, before some one hears you :wink: :)

    i think one for which ever grouping you happen to be working for should be enough
  3. Perhaps something that screams "Capture and Torture Me Horribly as I'm a Valuable HUMINT Asset!!!"

    Failing that the tankie one with the skull and crossbones on it 'cuz it's coolest.

  4. Is there such a thing?

    You can spot the FHT's a mile off, you wouldn't need a TRF.
  5. TRFs used to be a good idea around WW2 to foster a Divisional (or these days Brigade) identity given that the units we fight in are composed of a multitude of capbadges.

    However, as deployed these days TRFs have nothing to do with warfighting and everything to do with bored senior officers further accentuating capbadge divisions. They're crap, unnecessary and counter-productive. And they make you look like a Boy Scout. What's next, a merit badge for passing my A1 ?

    If DInt or whoever is reading this then - don't do it ! Anyone with any brains (hopefully most of us) will ditch the things before going anywhere near an operational theatre. And wearing them in barracks does nothing but massage the egos of small minded Walts.
  6. I like abs idea - an ARRSE TRF - don't know if the new RSM would agree; perhaps to be trialed on the next SNCO's cadre - love to see his face on the first muster!
  7. You would probably get away with barbs ARRSE tartan. We've gone so badge mad now a few extra won't make any difference. Maybe we should get a sash like the Brownies so we can wear them all!

    I harrumphed around barracks last week in badge-free cs95, web belt instead of my usual stable belt and a DPM rank slide. I must admit it felt a bit like driving a car without a seat belt and you could see folk looking at you with the expression that says, "I can see something not quite right but I'm not sure what it is."

    I agree with OOTS - try Googling Buckminster Fuller and look up "Synergetics"
  8. I think we should bring back those old WW2-era curved shoulder flashes like The Guards or RAF QCS wear on their No.2's. "Loamshires" or whatever.

    Those coloured bits of cloth TRF-thingies look very "Scouting for Boys."

    Failing that silver-on-black gothic-lettered cuff titles add an air of sinister sophistication. That's it! An Int Corps cuff title. With a special Int Corps fez. I'd rejoin in a heartbeat if we had some of that action going on.

  9. V, you are indeed a sick man ;-)
  10. Don't want to throw the cat amongst the pidgeons here but..

    Whilst visiting a unit, I noticed a poster in said unit's training wing with all the recognised flashes on it. And lo and behold, there was a 1 MI Bde flash. First I have ever heard of it but somebody has obviously put some thought into it.

    If you're interested, it was the same as the Corps stable belt with a number '1' over the top. Lets just hope this doesn't become part of the dress regs.

    On an aside, if the stable belt is now part of dress regs, should we not be issued it? Anyone from ICA or DINT reading this, please advise as to the policy regarding this.
  11. While we're at it i propose a Corps Mascot - perhaps a weasle! I can the RSM now - "March on the weasle", "Sir!"
  12. Oh, oh i know: March on the duck-billed Platypus! :)
  13. What ever happened to Counter Surveillance control measures. I presume the enemy has HUMINT aswell, nothing like providing him with lots of free information.

    With all these badges, he'll know unit, brigade, division, dress size, favourite colour etc.
  14. On the plus side however, at least it may stop more people confusing us with staff clerks.