combat engineers?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by xr-stu, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. alright folks, currently in the process not 100% decided on what i want to do. i definatly want to do something on the front line, but would like to get some sort of trade rather than 'just' going infantry, so ive ended up looking at going for combat engineer. ive had a brief talk with my recruiter but tbh dont want to go back in just to pick his brains. wondered if any of you guys could tell me about what id be doing day to day, what extra training i could do, and what sorts of things i could end up specialising in? im just thinking what my options would be when i came out.
  2. Your best bet would be , to go pick your recruiter's brain,afterall it is his/her job to provide you with info. regarding your job choices etc.
    and try getting in before planning for coming out. :)
  3. depends mate... as a combat engineer, your a soldier 1st, engineer 2nd and a tradesman 3rd... and they are used in that order... on top of that you can become Para engineer, commando engineer or diver... from what i can gather, you would be used to give engineer support to which one you decided to do. if you didnt decide that, you could go amphibious. but i heard they may be getting rid of that (dont know how true that is) if you dont decide to go 23 para or 24 commando you could get attached to infantry on tour, or like myself get posted into a unit providing support for RAF. its hard to decide with the engineers being so ranged in what they can do. but joining the royal engineers is a good move. im a structual finisher, and im going to push to do CLERK OF WORKS in the coming years... but it all depends on what road you want to take, construction, or engineering. hope this helps a little. but as said above, your recruiter should have information. but try and go into the office with at least a half idea of where you want to go. I got tlked into joining the infantry a few years before i re applied for RE. infantry was not the route for me but the recruiter talked me into it by making it sound better than it was.
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  7. Just thought, wouldn't it be a good idea if someone posted a good thread and called it something like, oh I don't know, perhaps everything you need to know about joining the Corps?
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  13. it don't really matter what trade you want to, being a sapper is so much fun and so many big toys to play with :) and to be honest not that many do their chosen trade once they leave anyway, the army teaches you to have self confindence to do whatever you want. :)
  14. Destruction, construction..its all there...
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