Combat Engineering

hi, i have recently been looking at the combat engineer trade. is this a full time trade or something all soldiers have incase needed. I have been looking at the fabricator trade but in the trade profile it is said that fabricator training is given to all combat engineers anyway, any help would be appriciated. MooreO

If you want to join the full time Army then you will be a Combat Engineer anyway, then after a test you will be allocated your list of trades they think that you will be suitable for.

You select that you want to be a Royal Engineer first, not Combat engineer.


What Does A Royal Engineer Do?
When you join the Royal Engineers you're not just becoming a Soldier, although that will play a very large role throughout your Army career, you will also be a Combat Engineer and once you have completed trade training you will also be a Tradesman.

MooreO I joined the Engineers and went to Chepstow when it was still an apprentices college to do my electrician trade. After 2 years doing that I went to my manservice unit which was a field squadron. I was asked if i wanted to follow my trade or concentrate on combat engineering, I chose combat engineering and never regreted it. Field Squadrons are the best Squadrons in the Engineers in my opinion.

Some trades you can stream in and follow them through your career but as the lads before said, in the Engineers, first your a soldier, then a combat engineer, then a tradesman.

Good luck fella.

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