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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RetroMozza, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi lads

    Got my interview a week Thursday,but still don't really have a clue as to what I want to do in the army.

    I want to do combat, but my careers office are really trying to push me away from infantry as they keep saying it'd be a waste.

    They're pushing me towards RMP (I don't want to do that), OpIntel (Don't want to do that either, or RE.

    My question to you is, if I join as an engineer, how long is it 'til I can train to become a combat engineer, then possibly a commando engineer? Is that how it works, or am I completely off target?

    I know I want to go in the army to fight, as blood-thirsty as that sounds.. but I would also like something that would give me transferable skills once I leave.

    Depending on what engineer role, you want to become, you will do a 9 week course to become a combat engineer, all depends on what role you wnat to be. There is no such thing as just and 'engineer'.
  3. Link doesn't work, sorry.

    I'm not sure what type of engineer I'd want to be, maybe plumbing and heating, something with a future outside the army..
  4. Its phase 1 basic, then phase 2 combat engineers, the it's usually your trade (up to 9 months) then you can choose to go airborne/commando (obviously cdo is the way foward), then when you get to your unit you can choose to become a diver, pti, eod search etc etc etc.

    Royal Engineers - God's own corps
  5. Have you considered the Royal Artillery?
  6. Funny you should say that, I think I've decided on AS90 gunner...!

    Been researching it, sounds like a great role..!
  7. Aye, that'll make you popular on the Sapper forum!!

    (I'm guessing that you are unaware that animosity between the RA and the RE goes back hundreds of years and that more blood flows during the annual Sapper/Gunner rugby match than on the streets of Basra!).
  8. No, care to delve into detail?

    What happened? Did RA steal one of RE's handbags?

    **Casts rod out in hope of a bite**
  9. ;
    If you're going artillery and have ambitions to do something extra, you could always consider:

    4/73 Spec ops Battery (listed on a walt site)

    Before moving onto

    148 Commando Forward Observation Battery (same walt site)

    Go to the search bar at the top, type words such as "Forward Observation and Sphinx".

    Better get you allegiances right between RA and RE, a rivalry as fearsome as the RLC and the AEC!!! Blood spills over books about trucks amid squabbles of failed Army Numeracy tests and books past their check in date.
  10. A bite? You'll be lucky mate. It would help if you actually were a gunner instead of a gopping civvie wannabe :wink:

    And if you're interested, do a search. There are a few threads on it.
  11. thought you said you wanted to 'do combat'. in the artillery? engr cdo/airborne gonna 'do combat' hell of a lot more. plus you can get some useful skills out of trade training, with civi quals to go along with. if you want transferrable skills... what civi job is even close to being a gunner?
  12. Rent boy?
  13. i stand corrected, forgot about that one
  14. Gopping civvie wannabe?! Very true, but also not the worst thing I've ever been called!

    I'll have a look through... thanks...