Combat engineering an actual trade?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by james2202, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. is combat engineer an actual trade, or is it just something every engineer does? as ive always really wanted to be infantry, just something more specialised, and i generally thought the combat engineer was a legitimate trade, but been doing some reasearch recently, and it seems like its just a 9 week course that all engineers do.

    any help would be appreciated.
  2. wash your fecking mouth out youth. :-(
    might be a dying trade yes BUT still a trade and a requisite for promotion within certain streams of The Corps.
    just numpties like tankies/riggies & fecking mud muppets that don't do it as it is too much for their tiny brains. ;-)
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  3. It's what all Royal Engineers do after Basic Training. Then you'll specialise in your chosen trade, Brickie, Sparky, Design Draughtsman, Plumber, Plasterer etc.
    Royal Engineers can perform infantry roles depending on the role of the Regt you join or the Operation you deploy on. But in my experience Combat Engineering is your bread and butter

    However, you will be a Soldier first, then a Combat Engineer, then a Tradesman. It says so on the recruiting pamphlets so it must be true.
  4. ah that what i was getting at, I thought "combat engineering" WAS the trade, but your saying u do soilder/combat/then ur trade skills.. probarly end up joining the infantry then, as i have no interest in building walls, or laying pipes, though armoured does sound interesting.

    thanks for clarification guys.

    I still have a limited understanding of how it all works, but my understanding WAS the combat engineer was its own stand alone trade, >.< sounds really cool, basiclly an infanteer but more specialised, guess i was wrong :-(,
  5. You want to be an infanteer join the infantry, you'll get plenty of opportunity to specialise.
  6. to be honest,i think that you are far to bright to enlist into the "corps".maybe something more in the line of "cot deaths",would be more suited to you'r needs.
  7. 3 Regt was 11 weeks if memory serves me right, then it is time done on the ground before you are deemed able to take a written test for your Class 2, then time done again and Rank gained before getting a B1 which is about 10 weeks so by this point you have done a fair few years in the Corps and still progressing as a Combat Engineer although more towards the Command Role once you have your B1 under your belt, a bloody good course that I would have gladly done twice if allowed to and most decent lads in the Corps would probably agree ...
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  8. I wouldn't bother, they don't generally do a great deal, we always used sappers for our blowing stuff up and building stuff, even though we had plenty of assault pioneers.

    (Of course different Regiments and Battalions will differ)
  9. there's always one troll.

    Thanks for replys guys, only thing that had me confused, was that pay sheet they give you when you do your barb test, it implies combat engineering is a trade, "higher bands of pay include Combat Engineers, Dental Technician" ect ect, bit of a mis-leading line dont you think, a more accurate representation would be to say "Royal Engineers", as your all combat engi's :), and there's no way u could confuse RE as a trade :p.
  10. You've obviously done **** all in terms of research.maybe when you get a bit older you can become a genital wart,you fuckwit.
  11. Combat engineering is not a stand alone trade as it once was. The majority of trades are streamed combat engineer because they will do that along side their trade. This does not include drivers, planties, C3S, res specs and geo. Once you get to SNCO you will be streamed either combat, armoured, plant/Q, fitter/Q,design/Q, driver, C3S, res spec, geo or amphibious.

    If having a trade to fallback on once you've left sounds too boring for you then you are a fool. Not really much call for infantrymen on civvy street.
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  12. PLant Life is correct, having been a Field Surveyor T1, and a Combat Engineer B3, I have done very well since leaving the army.
    Get yourself a trade to fall back on, many are Trade Union recognised now although you cannot be active in the union. You still get to carry weapons when required but just remember that so far as the infantry goes, We, (The Sappers) can always do their job but they cannot do ours.
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  13. if you have a brain use it as others have stated the embankment is full of ex infanteers. most ex sappers do well for themselves in civ div.
  14. I have done much research on the suject of Royal engineers and even the logistic corps pioneers! (Which will not be on my job choices list) But thats another debate! Was just wondering if somone could inform me as to what you can do back on Civvy street from coming out of the engineers as an 'Armoured Engineer' ?

    Im just finishing exams and am into my application process and need to pick three job choices and i wish to have a trade after i finish army life. Armoured engineer's 'civvy trade' doesnt seem as ovbious as some of the other choices, for example; plumber, electrician, fabricator etc. However this, in my opinion, is the most interesting 'trade' within the Engineers :D

    Any help would be appreciated, Many thanks! :D