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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Jones, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. On the Army careers website it says, under trades, Combat Engineer.

    Is it possible to do this as my trade, instead of the normal plumber, sparky etc? Therefore I would have no 'trade'. If so, would I finish trade training with Class1 Combat Engineer?

    And in turn would this provide better promotion prospects, as I could do L.Cpl Cadre quickish as I would have Class 1 already?

    Many THanks
  2. ever sapper does B3 combat Engineer mate ...

    and all the trades you mentioned are in the artisan bracket which is combat Engineer streamed ...

    you could be a B1 combat Engineer and A1 sparky ... you do both.

    any info theres plenty of Sappers on the site can help....

    (Dont ask any of the armoured Engineer lads .... they smell of Diesel and wee and are a bit "strange")
  3. You will no doubt get a full response to your question from someone currently in the know at Training Regts etc. so all I will say is that everyone in the Corps is trained as a Combat Engineer, it is our bread and butter, you will do 11 or 12 weeks of it at Gib Barracks and if you ever get to your B1 you will do a similar amount of time except more in depth and more emphasis on commanding tasks and teaching CE Subjects; you will still be required to do your Trade be it Sparky, POM, Chippy etc. some Trades will stream your Career more than others, Plant Op is one of these where on the other hand being a Chippy or Bricky will stand you well in a normal CE Troop on Tour etc. but you will not actually be required to do your Trade that often unless you end up in a Sqn such as 53 or 48 at Waterbeach who do a lot of Construction Tasks in some 'very nice and occasionally not so very nice' places but all Great Experience!

    You've certainly picked the best Corps IMHO...
  4. being a "knocker" (combat engineer) is great but i am afraid it is a dying trade my friend although i still enjoy it as much now as i did all those years ago when i did my b3, so my advice is to get yourself a decent back-up trade for when you get out as the previous posts say you may not get a lot of oppertunity to use a trade unless you get a construction sqn but they are easily carried & will hold you in good stead for when you evetually leave far more than the city & guilds you get for being a B1 cbt engr (if you still get them)
    cant see you getting on a cadre any quicker you normally are selected on merit rather than which trade you are & at what level you are, but i could be wrong nowadays.
    hope that this helps in some small way.
  5. AKTTE, why do think combat engineer is a dying trade? Are other trades performing traditional knocker work?
  6. its just all the advance in warfare thats all. when i joined 20 years ago being a knocker was what it was all about & you had to know it or pay the price as i found out as a "sprog" you did mgb bridge-gallops for fun, laid minefields for days then breached them, bridge dems were second nature to you. now with all the commitments the corps has & lack to time to hone up on these skills it just seems to be dying on its ar@e at the moment.
  7. AKTTE

    Never a truer word spoken.

  8. Previously posted by Shortfuse
    Cheeky bugger :lol: :wink:

    I was B1 in both Combat Engineering and Armoured Engineering so you can go into that stream if you're nuts enough :lol: :D

  9. a B1 in you're showing yer age... :)