combat engineer (fabricator)

hi fellas im looking at goin in as a combat engineer and then specialise as a fabricator can anyone tell me about this job is it very combat? where you serve? which bat? to name just a few, ive read the mod webpage on it but that tells me practicaly nothin cheers! danny
If your chosen regiment is the Royal Irish why are you worrying about a trade as a fabricator, unless you have seen the light and decided to join "Gods chosen few" and become a real soldier

A Muddy old Engineer, if you have then well done my friend and become a Chippie, jesus was a chippie you know !!!!

I thank you
Holdfast said:
10BA09 said:
Danny? Welcome, what the f**ks a bat?
It's a bit of willow , or such like wood, that cricketers use. :D
just not very well in engerlands case. :wink: :D :wink: :D
sorry my bad im meant unit! (well batallion actually 8O ) but now i mean unit!! yeah i think i wanna come over to the clever folk so i thought id test the water first!
You won't get fcuk all help on here because you used the F word! I can't believe we've just be fella'd by a sprog!
i said fella becuase im irish and thats what i call everyone i didnt mean it in a derogatory way so grow a pair and stop thinking your better than me because im a 'sprog' in fact what do you do? and are the people that do it all like you?
danny_mo said:
i said fella becuase im irish and thats what i call everyone i didnt mean it in a derogatory way so grow a pair and stop thinking your better than me because im a 'sprog' in fact what do you do? and are the people that do it all like you?
I forsee that your training will be interesting
not really i can take stick from people that are in a position to give it,they deserve respect and get it from, why should i take shit from people for no reason?
it's a man thing called respect and treating others the way you would like to be treated
yeah and iv never treated anyone the way i wouldnt like to be treated and one someone basically tells me to fcuk off for calling a collective bunch of men fellas does he deserve respect? should i be talked down to for being a 'sprog' which by the way i dont have a clue what that means? i asume baby?
I have given you replies much thought my Irish Friend

Regarding my last about becoming a Chippie,

Forget that, stick to your original thought and join the Royal Irish

They deserve you

I am sure they will love your swift wit and repartie !!
Calm down sweet heart, it was meant as joke. If you can't take a joke don't join the Army because you will have a fcuking miserable time. Royal Engineers hate the term fella and see it as degrogatory.

I am in a position to offer advise, namely because I've been in the Royal Engineers a good few years more than you and been on more than a few operational tours.

What do I do? I'm a Clerk of Works which, if you look at the recruiting information, means I'm one of the most highest qualified tradesmen in the Corps.

Once you've gone and retrieved your teddy from the corner ask me what you'd like to know.
i am grateful for advice plant life as you say i did ask for it from experienced sappers such as yourself, i wasnt aware that you GUYS :D found the term fellas offensive as i just know it as a term for a man! who says the irish and the english dont have langague barriers!! but thank you for the heads up and needless to say i wont be calling engineers fellas again!
Danny - absolutely everyone who joins the Corps starts off as a 'sprog' and is considered one until they've put in a couple of years service and perhaps got a tour under their belt. These days, it doesn't mean you will be bullied or sent to coventry but it does mean that on occasion you'll be required to shut your gob and listen to those who know. 'Fella' is a term beloved of a certain type of NCO, carries somewhat patronising connotations and should probably be avoided in favour of 'mate'.

As to your original question, in all honesty, if you want to be a metal-worker pure and simple, you might want to consider joining the REME as a metalsmith. In the Royal Engineers, you are more than likely to spend the majority of your time as a combat engineer (bridging, minefields, water supply, roads, airfields etc etc) and only touch your artisan trade relatively rarely. Within the combat engineering world there are a number of different specialised routes you can go down - para, commando, amphibious, armoured and bomb disposal to name a few. The job can be interesting enough on operations but be prepared to be cleaning shovels and sweeping tank-parks for some of the time when you are at your unit.

The RE is a good choice of career - plenty of variety and some fairly gucci roles like boat operations and search. All in all, you'll be weilding a rifle and shovel quite a lot, a welding torch somewhat less and a broom now and then.

Hope that helps. Oh, and it's probably not a good idea to be throwing your toys out of the pram when asking advice from people on here with hundreds of years experience between us...
Good start Danny Mo! The Corps loves young gobby sprogs like you, but don't worry you will learn your way quickly and be thankful that you joined God's Children and that you were once a Sapper.

Now Fabricator, had a couple when I was a troopy and they are very resourceful members, indeed I would call them by best "acquirers" when on and indeed off tour. They always had a knack of turning up with things that we weren't officially allowed to have!

A trade however, I believe is being lost in civi street so could come in handy when you retire etc. Alternatively look at some of the other trades, remember the more BARB points the more technical the trade you can learn. Don't get me wrong the cleverest chap I knew was a brickie, bar Plant Life. Plant Life also made a lovely brew on the Plain.

The Missing Link made a good comment though - Jesus was a Sapper, but with long hair. I think he had also done his boat ops course if I remember right.

On your "Goobiness" you will learn, you are young and no matter where you go in Forces you will get the siht kicked out of you with that mentality.
As has been said fabricator is a good trade, the only problem is that trade posts are few and far between. Metalsmith in the REME is ok, however it is dead mans shoes for promotion because there are very few metal smiths out there. Also metal smiths have been removed from unit light aid detachments are are now posted to REME battalions which severely limits the postings that are available to you. Also I don't know many REME guys who speak highly of being in a Battalion. Hope that helps.

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