combat engineer (fabricator)

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by danny_mo, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. hi fellas im looking at goin in as a combat engineer and then specialise as a fabricator can anyone tell me about this job is it very combat? where you serve? which bat? to name just a few, ive read the mod webpage on it but that tells me practicaly nothin cheers! danny
  2. Danny? Welcome, what the f**ks a bat?
  3. It's a bit of willow , or such like wood, that cricketers use. :D
  4. If your chosen regiment is the Royal Irish why are you worrying about a trade as a fabricator, unless you have seen the light and decided to join "Gods chosen few" and become a real soldier

    A Muddy old Engineer, if you have then well done my friend and become a Chippie, jesus was a chippie you know !!!!

    I thank you
  5. Alternatively, a small, winged rodent.
  6. just not very well in engerlands case. :wink: :D :wink: :D
  7. sorry my bad im meant unit! (well batallion actually 8O ) but now i mean unit!! yeah i think i wanna come over to the clever folk so i thought id test the water first!
  8. You won't get fcuk all help on here because you used the F word! I can't believe we've just be fella'd by a sprog!
  9. i said fella becuase im irish and thats what i call everyone i didnt mean it in a derogatory way so grow a pair and stop thinking your better than me because im a 'sprog' in fact what do you do? and are the people that do it all like you?
  10. I forsee that your training will be interesting
  11. not really i can take stick from people that are in a position to give it,they deserve respect and get it from, why should i take shit from people for no reason?
  12. it's a man thing called respect and treating others the way you would like to be treated
  13. yeah and iv never treated anyone the way i wouldnt like to be treated and one someone basically tells me to fcuk off for calling a collective bunch of men fellas does he deserve respect? should i be talked down to for being a 'sprog' which by the way i dont have a clue what that means? i asume baby?
  14. I have given you replies much thought my Irish Friend

    Regarding my last about becoming a Chippie,

    Forget that, stick to your original thought and join the Royal Irish

    They deserve you

    I am sure they will love your swift wit and repartie !!
  15. Bless.

    You'll go far young man.