Combat Engineer Communications

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Haribo, Oct 7, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys

    i have used the search function but cant really find what i'm looking for

    Basically i'm looking at this as one of my options of trade for when i join and wondered if anyone was in this role and could give me a bit of an insight into it?

    Cheers Haribo
  2. Looking at your location I would think long and hard about going down that route mate. 8O
    No doubt Nightrained will be along in a bit to tell you its awesome :roll:
  3. Depends, do you like good looking woman, fast cars and a guaranteed motorbike licence?

    On ops would you like a GPMG with unlimited rounds and call in a daily fast air and close air support? Cbt Engr sigs usually get into an argument with their SQMS about how they don't want to be issued a back plate osprey because "they will never show there back to the enemy".
  4. If you do like any of those things, don't bother with C3S or anything else NT comes out with :wink:

  5. You also get to consistenly fail BFT's and then whine about the slagging off you get on the internet when you tell the whole world what a wretch you are.
  6. DON'T DO IT!......unless of course you alrady don't have any mates, in which case go ahead!! :D
  7. I wouldnt trust you with a mobile phone, a pop gun and the role of ordering pizza for the Sqn Bar.
    Tell the truth, the real reason you didnt have back plates for your osprey was that your carcass is that feckin rotund, the drama of MGB strapping it to you every morning was deemed too much of a ball ache and besides which if you were going to get popped from behind by a member of your troop, they wanted it to be a quick and painless as possible. :wink:

  8. cheers for the replies guys seems no one really likes this trade, which is a shame because it looks good to me! anyone out there with anything positve to say about it??

    Nightrained - i'm not into Women i'm female and prefer men :)
  9. Ah well Nightrained, thats you out on both counts then!
    Have a bash at one of the other trades, they are all open to you. There are plenty of threads here about them. Bear in mind that at some stage you will have to use radios and can do a radio users course etc.
    C3S is being pushed very hard because of the shortages in their ranks. :wink:


  10. I think i will look into other trades when i get a chance to go back to the AFCO, plus once the BARB test is out of the way i can look at the trades i've scored for i'll be able to make a proper choice. I'm TA Sigs at the moment and kinda wanted to stay in Comms but poss not Sigs :wink:
  11. Go for sigs then. Get to my troop and we'll do some tamper seal checks :wink:
  12. NT you're a wretch! she can easily outrun you over say half a mile anyway!!

    Haribo you wanna muck in 432's and rovers all the time then wahey it's for you however they are fieldies, in all roles they are just fieldies..for life!!

    Not necessarily engr type's either...more OC's brew bitch and graveyard stag!

    And GIRLS!! in the Corps! bad enough they let NT stay!
  13. i think you under estimate the female form physically and mentally
  14. He knows what a Vagina looks like, he see's on in the mirror every morning when he has a shave. Bearing in mind he is a design trade ponce who is only let out a drawing office to get the biscuits for the brew fund. :wink:

  15. This from a Clk Wks (E)!!!!!! ;) :D

    ...but you do have a point about the shaving. Cheggars also sees 3 chins but that's another thread altogether!!!!