Combat Engineer/Assault Pioneer

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by LCPL_Bull, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. Do you need any qualifications to be a combat engineer i want to join the infantry but want to do the combat engineers course.
    do i need specific qual's or not.
    Thanks Bull
  2. speaking from an assault pioneer standpoint, no specific academic qualifications required, however there will need to be a valid requirement for you to attend the course ie the needs of the unit. It does help to have some intelligence as there is a vast amount of subject matter to absorb in class and practicals. Each module has a multiple choice test which is fairly straightforward
  3. only enough to qualify to join the engrs.
  4. Not sure if this answers your question or not. As a RE you do phase 1 training which is normal 14 weeks and phase 2 is combat engineer training then phase 3/trade training.

    At the ADSC you have to pass the maths test, the AFCO told me that everyone does this there but depending on the capbadge you're going for, you might not need to pass it but for RE you do. There trades within the RE that don't require qualifications and there are more that do. I'm going for Armoured engineer which doesn't require qualifications.
    If it's action that you're after I'd say you'll definatley see it as the sappers often have to go in front of the front line to clear the way. 8)
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  6. Infantry or Royal Engineers ?? Make up yer mind FFS :roll:
  7. I apologise for my ignorance and this may appear simple to some but what is a "wah" as you so put it
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  10. Serious points before you get savaged:

    Look at the joining the Royal Engineers sticky at the top of the Sapper forum, that should help answer most of your questions.
    You don't need any formal qualifications to be an armoured engineer, signaller, driver or res spec. All that is required is the right score on the BARB test.
    Assualt pioneer is a cut down version of what we do. Some infantry battalions make use of their pioneers, others don't. What ever you do don't join the RLC as a pioneer. It is probably the sh1test trade in the Army. No matter how much they try and sex it up on the website you primary job is stagging on, burial parties and digging toilets.

    GT1980 don't dish out advise to others joining when you aren't in the Army yourself yet. There is a wealth of experience on this board and many of us have been in the Corps for years.

  11. I'm just quoting what the recruiting officer from the careers office told me which is pretty much word for word. The officer did say to me that pioneer was a trade for dumb ass's (with respect). When i am told something by the afco am i supposed to take it any other way than gospel.
    I was relaying info that i found during my application process which thought would've been up to date and helpful but if i haven't earned the right to post due to me not being the forces then i shall keep my views/info to myself. but hey what are these forums for! :roll: