Combat Diary - The Marines of Lima Company

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by ssupersixfour, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Full details here:
    Official History Channel web page

    My sky plus has once again failed me and didn't record it on Sunday nor Monday. Has anyone seen this and if so, is it worth keeping an eye out for?
  2. are they the USMC version of the National Guard? It would be interesting to see them perform
  3. Yes, I watched some of it. It's about Lima Coy USMC. They are a reservist unit that went out to Iraq, they ended up by the syrian border and had the highest loses of a Coy strenght unit to date. 24 in all, the film is made up of their own camera recordings that everyone seemed to be carrying. It starts pre deployment, then they arrive thinking they'll get a cushy number as there reservists...wrong.

    Of what I watched it seemed OK.
  4. I saw most of it except for the pre deployment part. Well put together. I liked the way most of the camera work was from the marines themselves. Quite a sad story though.
  5. yep, seen this and got a copy. recommended watching, lots of bad luck (IED takes out a whole LAV), lots a little contacts, more IED's, sniper team gets massacred, more bad luck.

    Performance wise, certainly the lads seemed to do reasonably well - though personal cam's rarely show knackered tps after 48 hours awake.

    The sniper team incident could possibly be down to bad skills but to see how many they lost in this incident gives a very strong indication of what problems they were facing up country.

    def worth watching.
  6. Powerful stuff, just watched all 9 parts, must have got some grit in my eye half-way through part 9 :wink: =(
  7. skills looked good for NG too
  8. This was rerun a couple of days back and I managed to record it this time.

    Half expected the usual USA Ra Ra Ra BS but it really was moving. Had to agree with the guy who effectively said that if Lima had not had so many casualties in such a short time he suspected nobody would actually give a sh1t about them.

    Note they are classed as USMC Reserves. Does that differ from National Guard units or is it just a function of command structure?