"Combat Chefs"

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Lancialfa, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. Im sure many of you watched combat Chefs on channel 5..... any views, thoughts about the program?

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  3. That was a very intelligent answer.
  4. Now come on, tell him what you really think. Non of this beating around the bush cr@p.
  5. But one which befitted your bone question. Quick hint - use the search button.
  6. Thanks buddy...... I see your not the most helpful kind...

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  7. as your question is here in the TA forum i presume you are asking if it portrays a true picture of our own TA chefs?
  8. They were all about the right size. Like my grandad told me, never trust a skinny chef.
  9. The chef winning the competition and crying looks like he was putting his heart and soul into it. Or was it the realisation he was going to get promoted to Master Chef and wouldn't have to do field work any longer?

    Think about the weeks on 10 man ration packs, then the enjoyment of hot, fresh rations. Works wonders for the constipation!!

    If the Top Slop is good, he treats his troops with respect and provides a good service, the troops will look after the Slop Jockeys.

    I for one will be watching the rest of the series. As for TA chefs. Some of these chefs come from top hotels and restaurants, producing better nosh than the recipes in the Manual of Army Catering.

    But then again, some do come in without a clue. Anyone remember Regimental Chefs?
  10. From a TA point of view the interesting bit (for me) was how many normally camera shy members of the TA managed to get THEIR faces on the programme. I image a few people might be a tad upset.

    Good to see Army Chefs getting some good publicity though, their performance when I've seen them has never been short of great and I wouldn't do their job for the world.
  11. From the TA point of view, the boys in Keenan don't remember getting quality scoff like that - try weeks and weeks of f*cking 10 man rat pack pasta meals. Danish MRE's were an awesome change :x
  12. Too many according to the Reserves Review....
  13. :D

    I've missed you.
  14. At last some sensible replies! Yes I was asking from a TA point of view, so cheers those who gave an intelligent answer!
  15. Although not strictly TA, there are some good views on the Combat Chefs programme in the below link...

    RLC Forum - Combat Chefs