Combat Chefs - Channel 5 - 26 Nov 08 at 20.00hrs


Quoted from C5 website:

"Documentary series that profiles the men and women responsible for feeding the 120,000 British troops stationed overseas. From battlefield to banquet hall, the combat chefs are charged with the task of making hearty meals every day, whatever the weather and whatever the situation. In this instalment, soldiers at the front line in Afghanistan get a rare culinary treat, and the heat is on for the army chefs at a cookery competition in Germany"
Trained killers one and all! Deadly with a spatula at 20 paces. Good to see them getting some recognition tho'.


I wonder how many chefs joined as a result of the recruiting ad a couple of years back, how many have made Cpl, and how many gliding hours they have in their log-book ?
Should be quite interesting. Slop Jockeys don't get much credit for what they do. One question though, where the feck did we get 120,000 troops from?
The paper says that the attempt to make a DIY oven and cook a guinea fowl in it produces results that are "predictably horrendous" :D

It's pretty impressive how a couple of cooks can feed the best part of a company. By contrast, think back to school and the number of dinner ladies it took to produce half of fanny adams, and they had all morning to do it.
As an Army Chef myself and having served 19 years, tonights show will be very interesting.

I have seen a fair deal of the documentary already and it is fairly accurate.

I am sure a number of you will be on here afterwards laughing your socks off about us sloppies, but hopefully the series will give some of you a little more of an insight into what we do both on and off operations.

I feature in the 4th episode, no doubt swearing my head off about something.

Enjoy it for what it is Gents....
Good swansong for the trade before we replace the lot of them with contractor logistic support!!!!

What a great idea after all KBR can do the biz in theatre, rat packs will cover the exercise periods and we can force the remaining chefs to retrade to cover the deficiencies in other trades!! Solves the undermanning, stops the constant abuse of the trade and put an end to the incredibly dull joke; "Hardest Course In the Army apparantly!" We all know the punchline.

DRLC can I have my GEMS award now?


Do we reckon that the contractors have really replaced ACC ? Not me.

Over sixteen years I remember some bad, some good times. ACC prob no different to other cap badges, as in there were winners and losers.

The rations weren't always top whack and obviously they needed to be fairly flexible, clever and inventive with compo. Rumour is the ACC dominated Hotelympia too. Never failed to impress me they didnt, stuff they turned out in the field like Donuts, curries and roast dinners in the middle of some woods, were playing blinders.

Thanks due to those sloppies who looked after us, anyway, good to see you're on the telly. And don't be picking ur feckin noses, and wash ur hands ok? :wink:
As much as I appreciate the work that KBR do out on Ops, I certainly do not think that they are good enough to sustain soldiers out in the FOB's.

As for total contractual of the Catering Trade, I think this is still a good 10 years or so away.
Army Chefs are still coming through trade training and have the flexibility that contract chefs don't have.

Having served at PAYD units, the contractors would be up shit creek if it wasn't for having the Core Catering Manpower working alongside them.

We are not dead and buried yet, we are sinking slowly, but I personally think, we will still be around for at least the next 10 years.


Combat_Cookie mate, not a good start for the Chefs in Germany, so far. Looks like Harry has got a proper bunch there but rules for the "stoves" and fuel don't help do they. Mind you, I hope that lot don't embarrass us matey :roll:
Maj H L was well known even twenty odd years ago .

Using old lockers and cupboards for ovens are nothing new......

In Afghan, that "SSgt Si. H*****" Master Chef and his crew are a bit different though... might even be the boss of the top team on this programme and the boys love him.

Enter the celeb Chef, fazed at the production in the Field and and well out of his depth :p

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Watching it now, and mighty good so far. I love the improvised cooksets - hoping one of them works.
Good to see their work out with 1CG too :-D

2 jobs I would never have wanted to do when I was in: Reccy Mech and Cook. Much too much like hard work.


Looks like they're doing well and glad to see this. Wonder how all the celebs would cope? Improvising, its what you're Army Chefs are good at and I feel for them, actually.
What an ace show! I will be cooking tomorrow nights' dinner in a bin dug into my garden, really good idea.

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