Combat Casio

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Fluff_eei, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. Slow news day, were all terrorists it would seem!
  2. Only if you wear a cheap shit, market stall watch. You pikey *****.
  3. Been wearing one of these solidly since last September. Lasted me my last few months in the fire service, all the way through Phase one and well into Phase Two.

    Not bad for £7.99. Tells me the time when I need it too. Can't ask much more. I shall replace it with the same when it finally breaks!
  4. **** off. When it first came out, it was state of the art. Waterproof, digital, bombproof. Ahhh! There's the clue. You can't take it into the next life, but you can bequeath it to your follower. Just needs a new strap...

    Mine needs a battery as well.
  5. You left the fire service to join the army.....are you stark raving mad?
  6. I had one of these as my first digital watch, certainly bombproof, I ended up in hospital once with broken arms and legs, watch was fine.
  7. Apparently yes, as I've been told by most of my training Cpls and Bdrs!
  8. MILF Morrocan Islamic Liberation Front.......I always thought MILF meant something else
  9. Smashed my G10 within a week of being in theatre, blagged a mates spare Casio for a couple of cans of Mirinda. Still going strong now!