Combat Body Armour what is your life worth?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tooldtodieyoung, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. Here is a thought, especially for anyone who is on tour or about to go somewhere at Tony's pleasure.CBA we all hate wearing it but....

    According to the National Audit report on OP Telic, the UK's enhanced CBA costs £167.70, total buy for Telic was £2million. The enhanced bit is the 2 pieces of Ceramic plate added to the outer, to give it some protection against 7.62mm or worse, the basic vest is fragments or low velocity only. The plates themselves cover approximately 30% of your chest and back.

    The report said that:-

    Enhanced Combat Body Armour provided personnel with significant levels of protection. Initial analysis of data from the operation by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has indicated that body armour reduced the number of US forces killed in action from torso wounds by at least 50% (possibly up to 90%), and those killed in action overall by over 20% (possibly up to 32%). ie all US reporting!

    Although data was not available to conduct an analysis for UK soldiers, the results can be regarded as indicative.

    ... so the US have documented this, maybe because they have something to brag about, but then their system is considerably more expensive!

    The Current issue US Interceptor CBA as a base system ie no plates would cost you to buy retail $900 add the plates another $500 total $1400. .. and according to their own statistics, it seems to work! it weighs 7kg, the inserts cover the complete chest and back and unlike ours, the plates can take multiple hits before failing,..useful in a serious firefight

    If anyone in MOD procurement is reading this..can they explain, why a Brit service person's life is so damn cheap, when are we going to get something better??
  2. Allways joked with iraqs who asked about the plates that we only fought people who were good shots :lol: .Seems we do everything on the cheap .though there is at least one brit witha nicked interceptor vest
    as there were yanks looking for one they left in a humvee at bashrah
    airport no it wasent me good thing they were flying home .Bet hoon gets a decent bullet proof jacket if he needs one
  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I bought my own CBA and inserts via a UK contact for around 700 GBP when on standby for Afghanistan. I figured the issue CBA with inserts was so shite I wasn't going to trust my life to it.

    Its for sale now... PM me.
  4. just pinch one from the yanks...problem sorted
  5. Ther comes a point when manouverability trades off against the weight and protectiveness off CBA. I remember wearing a .50 proof vest in south armaugh. I was told the vest was 28lbs, you still had to wear the frag vest underneath it!! nothing was going to get in to your torso area but you would be so slow (with webbing std frag vest and ECM) they would just go for the head shot instead!!!

  6. May have been improved not since Bosnia but anyone ever tried the German issue? Christ it weighs a ton.
  7. Read a letter stating that every man in the Army will be issued CBA on 1157 issue (this will be inner and outer) they will only get the plates when then go on OPS. If it has started now I don't Know
  8. Still doesn't matter, a squaddie life isn't worth the money they pay you, so why should they give you the best kit going? All they need to do is justify their own existense not yours.

    Hoon gets the best protection in the world, he simply can't be bothered to visit the hard working women & men of Her Majestys British Forces, he's too busy spending their money on useless kit that hasen't been trialled correctly or has been signed for over a dodgy lunch paid for by the vendor.

    Don't forget the old motto "You lose it you pay for it".
  9. Seen the new stuff they've started issuing in Iraq? Makes the wearer look like michelin man. It has a collar that covers the ears and arms are covered to (sort of) t-shirt level. There are ice packs to be frozen then inserted in pouches on the inside.

    The verdict? It's hated with a passion. Why? 1. The weight. 2. It's so restricting that it's impossible to reach for a fresh mag from a pouch, or even hold a rifle properly into the shoulder. The guys look like cripples when they attempt to exit/enter vehicles.

    Whilst I appreciate the sentiment of better protecting truckies and the like, if ya can't move, return fire or evacuate a vehicle in a timely fashion, what's the point? The lads rate the stuff as dangerous.

    Oh, the verdict's out on the new helmet that comes with the system.
  10. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Aware I'm being a pedant nut Hoon is no longer Secretary of Defence... :wink:
  11. Ok so maybe not Hoon but whoever is in charge now.
  12. I hadn't heard of this: anyone got any pictures of it?
  13. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    G3Ops said: "Finally got my plates about 2 weeks before I flew out"

    At least you got some mate. Me and the rest of my crew......

    Vest, rape tape round the body and put your green CS95 shirt over the top and off you go. No soldiers lives come very cheap nowadays. Geoff Buffoon thought that and now his successors Dr Death will do the same.

    PS Buffoon did not have the balls to face the AFF conference this year after he said he would. Why, because he got such a mauling last time that he actually said that he was frightened to go back. Pussy, where is your fecking spine or integrity?
  14. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Let us just but buy the American stuff off the shelf, it is good, it works, it has been tested. So what, buy the stuff, give it to the boys and let us get on with doing our job knowing that we are valued.
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  15. That's a great sentiment Mysteron, and I couldn't agree more - except it's too easy and it will cost money they can't spend because they have wasted loads of it on kit that is useless!

    Speaking from experience I'm sure many troops on Telic 1 had their plates given to them with one hand then taken away with the other because their life was deemed less valuable to others who appeared to need it more.

    I thought the whole supply situation before the war started was a total farce - with months and even years before knowing that we would be going in to get Saddam you would have thought they would have sorted out the Supply situation!