Combat Barbies

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Bennett, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. I guess they crop up in all OTCs (and maybe TA and regular units) they look nice are occasionally interesting to talk to and are the last of the "Comfort Girls" employed by the forces?

    We Have some classics,

    Social Member Combat Barbie.

    Barbie who will take care to insure her makeup is done properly while not boiling her and her basha buddies breakfast or taking down basha. When asked to apply some cam cream, barbie will apply the lightest touches of cream to her delicate skin or claim that she already has some on, said Barbie will however slap on normal makeup like it's cam cream on a night out.

    Happy Clappy Combat Barbie.

    (And I'm quoting here so This Barbie really exists as a person and not just a generalisation)
    HCC Barbie is really keen always attends and can often be the loudest member of the unit but has no clue. Despite many years in OTC will fail to pick up some of the simplest concepts or use common sense. Here comes the Quotes (I’ve Put Appointments in to illustrate that HC and myself have been in army club the same length of time and have similar experience we also have to address each other by rank or appointment when in OTC)

    JUO HCCB "err JUO Bennett what do we need to take on this weekend?"

    Bennett "CEFO and something to wear in the mess"

    HCCB "really? What’s CEFO?"

    Bennet then explains in detail.

    On another occasion.

    Bennett "Err HCCB why haven't you included the combat jacket in the packing list you drew up?"

    HCCB "I have, its there under "what you should wear" silly"

    Bennett "No I meant what they need to keep in there combat jacket"

    HCCB "Why? what do you need to put in your combat jacket that's important?"

    Bennett grits teeth and explains in detail.

    I'm not suggesting that all female Ocdts are like this but there are some special cases. Do you have any in your OTC/TA/Regular unit or are they unique to SheffUOTC (I doubt it)
  2. waah! just you sheff. lot. us exeter lot would never let someone like that through our selection course!

  3. 307

    307 War Hero

    There are arguments to the effect that you should put nothing in your smock/jacket, so that when covered by gore tex or NBC suit, you don't have a drama in getting to what may be ana essential piece of kit.
  4. Important not essential, eg notepad, pen, combi tool, torch and haribo. Also OTC so no NBC kit. HCCB sugested that notepad and pen should be kept in your bergan!!!
  5. No, because selection is now un-pc apparently...selection means that some people can't get in - we can't have that, now can we? :roll:
  6. Hey, if you're really green you should wear your gore-tex UNDER your smock, to make less noise.
  7. How do these combat barbies seem to get JUO with pi55 poor leadership and green skills. Good to see the best candidates getting the job! :)
    We've got one that has taken the approach that uniform is optional on training nights cos she's too busy to change or some other load of rubbish.
  8. Bennett wrote:
    My bold.

    army club? FFS.

    As for optional uniform, sack her. Don't you lot get paid for rocking up? Your DS needs to point out that no uniform = no pay.
  9. Those of us that aren't walts don't pretend we're real soldiers - so army club sums it up nicely. But it is Fecking annoying to have an army barbie giving pointless and often contradictory "orders".
  10. army club being the name given to us by many TA/regular soldiers Choc. frog
  11. Maybe so, but I would have thought the term "Cadets" would sum it up better. And show others that you were in some way serious.
  12. thats even worse :x
    I think the term OTC would have been just fine
  13. AYE SPACE CADETS !!! 8)
  14. I try to vary what I call OTC so I'm not saying OTC all the time when talking about OTC matters or things I've done with the OTC. Get my point?
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I remember back in 87 ish,I was on a GDT refresher course while stationed at RAF Bruggen in the G.
    Rock's (RAF Reg) were checking webbing to see it was packed as per orders & a WRAF officerpulled out her S10.Not only did she have her mask in the bag but also a make -up bag stuffed in the mask behind the straps!
    And the opposite,We had a woman JENGO boss on the squadron who,while on det in the states,got p****d with us groundcrew,joined in with a pool party & lost her top in the pool & got threatened with a C.M for socializing with the troops!She might not've been a looker,but she was game & not afraid to get dirty with the lads both in work & at play.