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Puts that Roberta Winterton to shame!

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A female soldier who once fought off a suspected Iraqi insurgent has won a place in the final of Miss England.

Katrina Hodge, 21, will participate in the contest in July, having already won the Miss Tunbridge Wells crown.

L/Cpl Hodge was nicknamed Combat Barbie in 2005 after being given a bravery commendation for saving the lives of members of her regiment in Iraq.

They were held at gunpoint when their vehicle overturned but L/Cpl Hodge punched the gunman and took his rifles.

She said: "I was in complete shock at first. The force of the accident caused our vehicle to roll over three times and threw us off guard.

"As I came round, the Iraqi suspect was standing over us with the rifles. I knew if I didn't act fast then our lives would be in danger.
Well done & good luck!

Marks out of ten?
Ten out of ten for hardness, but deduct six for having posed as a ginger for that photoshoot.

Still would, though. She deserves a reward.
does this topic really warrant 3 threads?

edited to add: & yes i am jealous & bitter xx
no mention of "swallowing" in her talents list. :? :? :? :?

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