Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AGC6656, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. Hi my mate Kat whos a clerk is in the grand final of Miss England.
    She has been raising money for SSAFA and help for heroes over the last few months and if she wins she wants to promote the armed forces and raise money for injured members of the forces!

    to help her win Miss England please text the words -
    Miss Tunbridge Wells to 81118

    its only a text but it will go along way in helping her out and if everyone on here sends one text the next miss england may well be a squaddie!
  2. A picture of her would be good.
  3. A picture of her growler would be better.

    A picture of her having her clack licked out by Dawn French would be perfect.
  4. Posting the photo was unfair AGC, its blackmail.,
    What a stunner :D
  5. sorry, wnaking and typing, double clicked on the vinegar stroke.
  6. well then true2blue vote for her then! it shouldnt matter what she loks like anyway you should vote as she is a fellow squaddie
  7. and no she isnt gwa its just the light she is brunette
  8. and no she isnt gwa its just the light she is brunette
  9. oi Kat when you get to work tomorrow can you sort my JPA claim, and Gado reckons she is getting audited, whats going on!!
  10. Is she not the one that the paper orginally said was Royal Anglian?
  11. Go on admit it, your Kat arent you!
  12. I was thinking the same thing BRL.
  13. The original poster is very clearly the lady in question but who cares? At least she's doing something constructive so she gets my vote.