"Combat Barbie" on the wireless

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. On today at 12:30 Radio 2 with Jezza.
  2. Who and why?...
  3. its that fit looking AGC chick is'nt it?
  4. She was on the wireless yesterday advertising a uniform dating site
  5. I would certainly give the lucky girl a squirt

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  6. is she ...gi.... gi.... ginn........ ginneerrrrr....... arrrrrrrrr my eyes there burning, :D well for a Gwhar I would
  7. Oooooh yeah!...Even though DPM on a chick usually makes me softer than an RLC netball team.


    Quis Separabit
    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  8. Having just heard this piece she has promoted the Army very well especially targeted towards the female element of society (which is obvious) so the Top brass will be chuffed with that, mind you I was unaware your allowed this 'career break' approved via the CoC for the other work she carried out, after all these years and still finding these things out, however I'm sure top brass were first in line for the calenders?

    And she's just picked up her promotion apparently.

    Good luck to her either way.
  9. Hang on is this the same woman who on the radio said about not having swimsuit section in miss world, and then flashes her bra while in uniform!
  10. I got bloody naked on the drill square at Bovvy, and no fecker promoted me, sexism i see.
  11. Nothing new there, in the '70's we had a couple of ruperts, one had year off to do the round the world yacht race and another had six months to go on an Everest expedition.
  12. I wouldnt want to put the headphones on after her - I have seen in the lying cows ears.
  13. Salient word missing Beemer. She did come across really well, especially when she refused to say where she punched the suspect!
  14. Call that cammed up? She obviously went sick on the day that they covered "too much, too little and just right". Tut tut tut. Hey ho - she's good for publicity.
  15. She lives in the block at Buller too.............When she isnt "hard at work" of course!