Combat Barbie fronts new lingerie campaign

Miss England squaddie, nicknamed 'Combat Barbie', fronts new lingerie campaign

She narrowly missed being crowned Miss England and has been awarded a medal of bravery for her services in Iraq, and now Katrina Hodge, nicknamed 'Combat Barbie' by her colleagues, has been chosen to front La Senza's latest underwear campaign.

Swapping her beret and army fatigues for tousled hair and skimpy lingerie, Miss Hodge, of the Royal Anglian Regiment, is helping publicise La Senza's Armed Forces campaign, which will offer a 15 per cent discount to all British servicemen and women.

The 22-year-old corporal was spotted by the high street store when she won second place in this year's Miss England contest, after wowing the judges with her performance of a rifle drill, a first for the beauty pageant's talent section.

The part-time model was awarded a medal of bravery for disarming an insurgent while on a tour of Iraq at the age of 18 and was recently promoted to the level of Corporal.

'We arrested an Iraqi suspect we wanted to question and were taking him back to the prison when we were involved in a road accident,' she said.

'Our vehicle rolled over and when I came round the Iraqi had escaped and had our weapons. I knew I had to do something or he would have shot us all dead. It was a real do or die moment.'

'My training just kicked in and I managed to disarm him, get the weapons back and restrain him.

Speaking of her latest project she said: 'I am enjoying the attention and profile but my job is still as an army soldier. I love the army life and if this encourages more women to join up then that would be brilliant.

'I'm so proud of this campaign and I really hope that it encourages other high street stores to offer discounts to men and women in the armed forces.'
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