Combat Barbie finally gets her crown

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. After a slight problem with the original winner,Katrina finally gets her crown.
    Combat Barbie
  2. Well done her, and good for recruiting/PR/etc but.....

    I assumed she'd would be taking leave to fulfill her duties. Appears not.

    So whos doing her work whilst shes off.

    Kor: Hi boss can I ask a favour?

    Boss: What?

    Kor: Wonder if I can have extra paid leave to focus on some of my business activities?

    Boss: No Fcuk off?

    Kor: what about my Masters Degree, can I have some time off to...

    Boss: Get out!
  3. Good luck to her.
  4. I pity the unit she is posted to
  5. Is it me or does anyone else think she has set the cause of wimmin wanting to be treated as serious soldiers back about 20 years.
    Oh and yes I would lick her all over.
  6. She can do my filing any time she wants - especially in her La Senza gear!!!
  7. Why? She's taking leave to do her Miss England duties, and she's a positive piece of pr for the Army.
    You, judging from previous posts as well as this one, however are such a negative entity- I pity anyone who comes in contact with your happy countenance on a regular basis. Lighten up you grumpy sod. What do you do to cheer up? Listen to Laughing Leonard Cohen?
  8. With a Tracy 'Slash Your Wrists Now' Chapman matinee.
  9. While sitting in a dark room, with the curtains closed... rocking...... always rocking..... :evil:
  10. Occasionally screaming, weeping and losing sphincter control...
  11. At least when it comes to the stock "I'd like to work to help orphaned children in the third world" Miss world stock answer, there will be at least one contestsant who has been close to the problem.

    If the presecessor got the sack for starting a fight in a bar, just what was the wisdom in replacing her with a Lance Jack in the British army?

    ...........heaven knows I'm miserable now.............( after sfub + auscam)
  12. Now thats the type of moral raising i'm talking about :D
  13. Taking leave? Is she getting paid? Should she have gone on tour or has someone else done it for her?

    Negative entity, listen fella do one and take your withered wrist out of your arse as if she reads this thread thinks you are a knight in shining armour and she'll come onto you.

    As for grumpy - no a realist, go drivel somewhere else you troll
  14. In some ways I agree with you... Put it this way: If any other male or female soldier wanted time off to model underwear what would the answer be? I take it as she is taking so much leave to 'fulfil her duties' that she will be Duty Admin during block leave periods... :?

    Edited for early morning brain-fingers-keyboard interface failure. Must drink coffee.
  15. My wrist isn't withered, it's the leg. Get your facts straight, you grumpy, badly researched sod. And if she came onto me, I wouldn't complain, although you probably would. She is taking leave, it is unpaid, and good luck to her. And I still think you're negative. Why do you pity the unit she's posted to? Do you know her? Is she cr@p at her trade? Or are you making a snap judgement?

    (Awaits incoming from Marvin/ Bipolar.... )