Combat assualt engineer

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mathewh95, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. What cap-badge does a combat assualt enginer belong to? the official website states Infantry/RAC/RLC...If i join as this do i get to select which corps? and can anyone tell me more about what the job entails and what It leads on to do in civilian life?
  2. Sounds like combat engineer....all Royal Engineers are 'combat engineers' as part of their phase 2 training.
  3. Could also be Infantry Assualt Pioneer (Who are called Assault Engineers in some mobs)

    You join as an Infantry Soldier and specialise only after puting some time in and/or a few tours with a Rifle Company.

    Not sure if the Pioneer Regts in the RLC train you as an Assault Pioneer from day one? (after their version of Basic trg)

    Infantry Jobs - British Army Website
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  4. Infantry battalions usually have Assault Pioneer platoons. Different Bns and RAC regt's refer to them as Assault Pioneers or Assault Engineers. I know a few Infantry battalions have done away with them nowadays. Probably because everything has been more or less dominated by herrick in the past few years, and most battlegroups will have dedicated Engineer Squadrons or at least an Engineer Field Troop.

    Basically though from what I have seen of them they are trained to B3 combat engineer standard, or there abouts. Allthough it looked to me like they didn't get much chance to put it to use. As such there seemed to be, like most things, a good bit of skill fade. Last time I saw them used was on telic 2 at Al majar Al Kabir police station when the Kings assault pioneer platoon, or members of it, gave us a hand bulking up the defences around the place. What they lacked in knowledge they more than made up for in enthusiasm. Suppose it must get boring for infantry blokes sometimes and they jump at the chance to relieve the monotony.

    If it is what you are really interested in (dems, mines, water supply, field forts, bridging etc) then join The Royal Engineers and get amongst it.
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  5. Thank you, I think I want to go into the royal engineers with the trade of communications after more research. Do you happen to know what is entailed in that job overall?
  6. Why don't you do your own research instead of asking everyone else to do it for you?