Combat Assault Boots Brand New - Source Please


I have been instructing down at my local Cadet Unit for a few months now and would like to get hold of a Pair of Current Issue Boots for Parade nights.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a trustworthy seller in the South East of England (that i can visit) or an Internet seller that actually sells what he is offering?

I have had 2 pairs of Issue boots both of which claimed to be new that have had the sole split away from the leather after limited use.

I'm looking for
'Current Issue Combat Assault Boot size 9M Brand New Unworn'

Trying to avoid Ebay at all costs.
Boots are down to us to supply, and The Reserve Unit have less than us currently.



Try Silvermans or any of the surplus stores/kit stores who advertise in Soldier. As for shops the south east is it a bit vague so try buttering up the nearest unit to you to save the hassel. ( Try the Gurkha's in Shorncliffe.)If ther storeman is any good he/she shoiuld be able to help you out.


any friends on the inside? "my feet have shrunk", if you think they havent heard that ive got to go to them with two left boots - ive asked about with no joy!


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Some batches of boots are notoriously prone to the soles breaking down. It was common 4 or 5 years ago but I don't know about now.

Try contacting either Tommy Dalman who owns cadetkitshop or David at cadetdirect for a bit of advice.


Never really thought of asking a storeman direct seeing as I am Civvy, will try Local or web-sites quoted.

Thanks for links and Replys,


Mr_C_Hinecap said:
If you are a civvy, do you dress up for parade nights? Can't see the need for the mil kit otherwise.

Yes, we are expected to wear CS95(unless you are a Civilian Instructor) and all the other crap too which they supply.


ArmrJay said:
If you are an AI you are entitled to boots - speak to your CAA and they should demand them for you.

Do you have that in writing?, where did you get your info?
as far as our unit is concerned they say 'cannot demand boots' and quite a bit of other kit that we could do with not paying for or at least reduced cost such as 'parade/ammo boots'

if I can nail this now then it will make life easier for the next batch of instructors we take on.



I haven't got it in writing, but if you post the question in the ACF forum I am sure someone will be able to quote you chapter and verse. It can't hurt to ask.

The area I help out with has always provided Adult instructors with boots. (Always being at least the last 17 years!).

The ones I deal with at work (5 areas) do aswell.

Also I am down my local det later and will ask the DC - he loves rules and regs and might know.
Boots are standard issue kit in ACF, but only once you ve been taken on strength.

Current issue is

2 pr olive green socks
2 jackets lightweight C95
2 trousers C95
1 smock
TOS/beret/ capbadge
i jersey wool heavyweight
ACF rank slides x2
i pr trainers (whatever hideous ones they have in stock)

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