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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smudge_re, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. Being TA i take an interest in British operations and exercises but rarely get to hear about them, hence the purchase of said magazine. Now it's always struck me that this magazine is a 'tad' waltish, when i first bought it, it wasn't too bad, i page set aside for re-enactors, and another for collectors, the rest of the magazine being fairly good quality writing about what i was interested in.
    Recently the magazine has got worse and today when i picked up a copy to read about the Gurhkas in Afghanistan i decided i would never buy it again. The amount of cr*p in it was unbelievable!

    Are there actually people who are interested in what Royal Marine pilots wore in the eighties?

    Does anyone want to read about those 'Red Troop' SAS re-enactor losers?

    And the endless adverts for CPO training? Is anyone in their right mind going to go through one of these companies that advertises in what has become such a walt magazine?

    Seems like a shame to me that what was quite a good source of information for none regs has been ruined. Anyway rant over.
  2. Listen mate I'm the only one that's seen this so far, so it shouldn't be too hard to cover your tracks. All you need to do is kill your mum, dad, siblings, the newsagent, anyone you've ever shagged, the PSI and all members of your Troop/Det, and me. Then no one will ever know you read COMBAT AND SURVIVAL you sad, sad, sad, sad sad muppet!

    Anyway, Soldier of Fortune is much better. Soft, strong and absorbent... ahhhhhh.
  3. Ok 86 people have read it to date so i guess the damage is done.

    Sad muppet is a little harsh as i've realised the error of my ways, but i could have got worse.

    Anyway i apologise to all of the above mentioned and hope this wont turn into a slagging session, i have been foolish, but i'm not going to cower away and delete my post, i must take the abuse.
  4. You are forgiven, come back to the fold and flagellate yourself each night for six weeks.

    The mag does make a good replacement for comfy bum roll though!! :D
  5. It's worth buying for the features on survival skills, if you ever find yourself on the run in enemy territory you can wile away the hours ripping the fur off squirrels ... gonna go browse through my back-issues now so see you later ...
  6. Is the mag still going?? I used to buy it when I was about 17... in fact I might have back issues in the loft somewhere if you want them!
  7. I browse through it in smiths with out actually buying it had a good very angry article on how come perfectly good improved snatch wagons were denied uk troops by the treasury and then given gratis to the iraqs so hence no tax savings barstards
    if the article had appeared anyway else might have caused some red faces shame really
  8. I'm sure i should have just piped down, got my head below the parapet and wound my neck in...but. I also read that article and you're right, a bit more publicity might have helped.

    Incidently, what do people think of this new Ford thing they're looking at to replace the WMIK? Or have they already decided? Think they were looking at a spanish land roveresque type thing too?
  9. I wonder why it never appeared anywhere else ... ?! Probably because it was complete shi-ite written by some half-wit who doesn't have a scooby about real life ?
  10. That is a class reply, Excellent!!!

    Never mind Smudge! Bringing shame and dishonour on the Royal Engineers! Take yourself round the back, give yourself a good kicking and get back in here!!
  11. 17 ?!?!??! sad muppet, I used to get it when I was 12 , by 13 i realised it was wnak :D

    Was there also a mag called elite ? I seem to remember getting a load of stickers of US Special Forces insignia
  12. I also look at it Smiths sometimes but now they have stopped selling Razzle and Big and Bouncey I have to hide C&S behind the Gay News to cover the embarrassment of reading a walt mag.
  13. yes there was a mag called elite, the RAF regt were in it, so it must have been good.
  14. daz

    daz LE

    Ballcocks, victor or warlord were far better written (not to mention accurate) ;-) Now whose going to admit to really walting it by reading Guns and Ammo :)