Combat Ammo / Man Bag


Combat Ammo / Man Bag

2 x AP Grenade pouch
3 x double quick release magazine pouches
Multi-tool pouch
Radio/GPS pouch with window
1000 denier fabric
The main pocket will take a 50 round (5.56 or 7.62) belt
Main compartment 7cm x 25cm x 32cm
Double zip opening for ease of access
Map pocket at the back face
Reinforced webbing sewn around the bag for added strength
Adjustable waist and shoulder strap

Buying in bulk so can offer at £29.99 plus P&P, best price I can do
That's proper gay. I'll have three.

Aren't you the thief/pretend seller of internet wares, formerly known as wildcard.rgbw?

How's the refund program going?
Hmm let me see if I got that smock that was promised... nope, still no ******* sign of it. Well worth risking buying something else off him though isn't it?*

*just for clarity, that sentence was 90% sarcasm.**

** Sarcasm error of upto -10%.
Desert DPM? Really?

I so don't think so!

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