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Hi all

Looking for a pointer in the right direction. I'm running a demo from our company to the MoD and it involves the use of troops. Now all my "characters" are civvie and i am having to make them look and act in a QRF like fashion. Now thats my problem, where i need help is:

Not being able to talk to a nice QM i need to get hold of combat gear, ie Comabat 95 or similar jacket and trousers. As the demo will be observed through a camera, it is to give a right effect, so does not have to be spot on authentic, which is a good thing as ive been asked to spend as little cash as possible.

So to conedence that waffle -any suggestions on where to get cheap kit for 9 people, 5 friendly (green) and 4 enemy (another colour - urban?)

I know that the ACF takes a slating on this site (quite rightly sometimes), but have you considered aproaching them? They may be able to lend/supply the uniform, and for a few pies and beers, they might even provide the enemy troops that you require (senior Cadets or Adults only).

Just a thought
If your budget stretches to buying the uniform, then try the company below.

Phone 00 44(0)1268 729233 Fax 00 44(0)1268 729234
E Mail

Hope that this is of some assistance
Thats great, will give them a look, cheers!
Try the company inkerman suggested. They seem to supply kit in bulk (packs of five, conveniently). Give them a ring and explain what you want, they may even give you a deal.

I'd suggest the following:

British forces:
-95 smock (no need for shirt) grade 2 (a bit knacked but cheaper, sew up any massive holes and let the camera hide the rest!) £25 for 5
-95 trousers £50 for 10, see if you can negotiate a deal here for 5
-assault boots grade 1 £140 for 14, again try for a deal for 5 or 9
-PLCE webbing sets £125 for 5
-wooly hat (not on this site, but you can pick them up from any outdoor shop. cheaper than going for helmets. make sure that the 'actors' wear them snug on their heads and rolled up above their ears, it looks odd to civvies, but this is the military way of wearing them)

That ought to come to around £225 for the 'brit forces', say £250 for things like waterbottles, cam cream, scrim net etc if you want to set a scene.

For the 'OPFOR', I'd go for cheap old issue kit, that way your not using kit from another country (politics):

-Green NBC suit jacket (rip out the charcoal liner) not sure if they've got them at this site, but ask for any cheap green jacket
-lightweight trousers £30 for 10 at the above site (these are close fitting, buy a size bigger)
-assault boots or DMS boots
-58 pattern webbing, randomly put together. £50 for 10 or just ask for spare belts and a few odd pouches
-black beret £5 for 10

Basically just phone up and explain your needs. You'll want the brits to look fairly accurate, so the correct kit will cost that much, but the OPFOR could make do with anything. Just a tip though, I'd steer clear of balaclavas or shemaghs (arab head dress) they can be a bit too political (IRA, Al Quaida).
Or contact your local TA Infantry unit and get some of them to do it?

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