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Discussion in 'REME' started by bohica, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone one know where the REME stand officially about having "REME" on the Cbt 95 Rank Slide.

    I know all the rules and regs for the Hammer and Pincers.

    The unit I am at has turned around and said all corps/unit names at the bottom of the rank slides have not been approved. So all members of the unit must revert back to slides with only the rank.
    Does anyone know if its true or not? Is so what regs is it in?
    Most that we have read are so out dated we may as well be in red tunics according to some.
  2. We were the same in our Corps, 1 Regt used to wear there own and had to remove them, dress regs i believe
  4. some units do some don't, in mine we are supposed to have plain rank slides, But i know one that has tartan slides. i have seen a lot of inf with their regt on the bottom, and some that have their trade as in cross flags
  5. These are regular soldiers, shut up and shut up.

    Sorry about his little oik, Engineers.
  6. :twisted: the retards im with have their names at the bottom
  7. Thats because we are pigshit thick.

    I'm so dim that I thought the word RIFLES had been put on upside down as thats how it looked to me when I looked at it when in uniform.
  8. I've had REME on the bottom of my slides for years - its amusing to a cetrtain Gunnery Sgt Maj to un pick the lower bit of the last E on any un-attended slides with the hilarious :roll: REMF result..........

    Never had a problem with it, but I do know it was mentioned a couple of years back at a unit I was with that it was against dress regs and we 'should' only wear the issued ones, but wheres the fun in compliance?
  9. alb

    alb Clanker


    If you are not recognised as being REME then you are not doing your job. I take it you have purchased over priced REME rank slides, wear a stable belt with combats and have TRFs on all your kit. If you are still not being recognised as REME then get an orange flashing light and insert it in any orifice which allows interface. As for the rank slide thing wear what you are issued.
  10. Not something I'd shout about..........
  11. Doesn't work alb. I couldn't get it to light.

    Seriously though, a guy at my unit just picked up his second. The OC "liberated" a rank slide from a cpl with REME on the bottom of it to present to the lad on promotion. To be honest, I've got a mixture of rank slides, some with REME on, some without. I really don't lose any sleep over it.

    However, whilst on my SCLM a while ago, a well known walt at the REME Arms School made those of us with REME on our rank slides remove them, in case we got captured. He then gave us a lecture on what could happen to us if Terry caught us, etc... :)
  12. If Terry caught you, he'd Goooogle REME, get pointed to the DEME(A) webpage, have a read then out of sympathy, hand you back.
  13. LMAO The well known walt at the REME Arms School is still at it....he tried to fail someone for not picking up and cleaning the imaginary round...on an unload, during WHT......!!!!!! :D :D :D
  14. There is one unit in Swanton Morley that makes you wear a rank slide with their unit on, and the OC at the time I was there, 2002, did nothing about it, when on exercise trying to get help from other units was a nightmare as they thought we were all cavalry knobs.
    then I got shouted at for having a combat slide on, on a combat jacket off all things,
  15. the lesson to be learnt from that then is where ever you go have a spare shirt with no badges on , blue beret or just wear covies and a normal beret