Combat 95 Kit Good or Bad ?????



Is it just me or do all pairs of Cbt 95 trousers go through at the arse ! and do all shirts fade quicker than trousers and are the jackets just the quickest fraying material on the QM's shelf ? Also why do we still have the jumper on issue when its not actually part of the fantastic Cbt 95 layer system and the Raz Man dont let us wear it anyway ?????? Big thumbs down for the uncomfortable and most definately unpresentable kit ever issued by the MOD  :mad: :mad:


it must be that you are sitting down too much but it is not true the trousers dont fade quicker with us as we have to wear the JHW. RSM's like them being worn so they can show off their big badges better than on the CS95


Not often I post, but Cbt 95 is excellent.  We all hated thick combats and wore trops; so we got thin trousers.  We all bought quick drying windproof smocks:  heh presto, windproof cbt 95 (OK it's got a ridiculously large neck hole but you can't have everything).  HH Field Jckt; bit of a flop this one, but we got a fleece of sorts etc.. etc..

My point is that someone was listening and the result is good, if not very hardy or suited to looking super smart around barracks.  Easy to say if you're an Officer and expected to look scruffy I suppose.

The catch?  there's not enough to make up for the flaws you've mentioned; particularly the gold dust pro-boots.


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Love the way RSM'S have insisted on people doing things to kit that we were advised against by the QM'S dept. Like Bulling toecaps and heels (doesn't that bugger up the waterproofing qualities of boots) or ironing sharp creases in shirts/jackets thought that weakened the sleeves. but then bullshit baffles brains. BTW with the waterproofing in the DPM kit how the hell do you get starch to soak in?
Its so bad some people are gluing down the collars. Why when a practical uniform is produced can the bullshit merchents not leave it alone yes iron it and polish the boots but why go so overboard?
Top bit of kit CS95 is the problem is they only let us wear it on excercise!

Your not supposed to even iron it messes around with I.R reflectivity or smething yet we still iron it? ??? ???

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Cbt 95 kit is designed for the field and should stay there with a form of dress for camp and another for best GOD its so simple !!!!!!


It doesnt look great but its not bad. The Army dress Comitee sadly is made up of loads of officers, some are fairly senior and the others are retired. Both categories are out of touch anyway. However, they call the shots. Now I ask a question here, you have a choice for in barracks uniform. Combat 95 that needs no prep ( Unless you are OR then natural pride kicks in) or Barrack dress (or similar) which generally needs an iron and some polish now and then.
Before you answer, pretend that you are on the Army Dress Comitee and are therefore fairly senior or Out of touch retired.
Jesus Christ I shall change my name to Uri Geller, all of a sudden you have decided that we all wear Combat 95 as it doesnt need much maintenance each night.
Yep get rid of the old stickys that decide and lets get some military back into the Army. CS 95 is great but lets keep it for what it was designed for.
Gonna start a new thread now on the subject of dress..

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What we need is numerous forms of dress like the old days just better quality ?


I think that covers it any more ?
I have found that i have been through twice as many CS95 trousers than with the old temperate ones and they have a tendancy to rip or fray or just plain wear out too quickly and the QM's never seem to have any more in stock,its always " your battery has had its compliment of trousers for this month".I mean thats just great!!!, i'll go and buy my own then shall i  ???
As always, it's a money issue. We always recieve kit from the lowest bidder at the highest unit price. Be it uniform or ammo. The only contradiction to that is the Apache! Total waste of money for the job and what we need. Oops, I only meant to think that! Anyhow, CS95 was designed to do the job of at least 3 dress regs. Long live OG's (light weights to the uninformed), still refuse to hand my sewn in crease pairs on a matter of principle).

Q. Seeings how everybody buys/aquires Smock Windproof or Smock SAS, why don't we just up the number the Army buys as they cost less then CS95 Jckt?They look smarter and last longer.

Or would that make us all look the same as senior officer with hands on hips?

Has anyone ever seen an officer above the rank of Brig wear any standard kit? Usually Smock (one of the above), tropical trousers, 58 webbing belt and flying boots/jungle slippers. Says alot, don't it! Can't have the Untermench looking like us now!

As you say, we need grass roots AT procurement level as opposed to someone who's last uniform was puttees (what the flip were they all about?), 37 pattern webbing and a Mess Webley. Oh, and someone who is'nt getting a large back hander to provide what he's told as opposed to what's required. Although on the good side, we are going in the right direction with the standard of kit issued compared to ten years ago. No comparison to Pro boots and DMS, except they both are worn on the foot.
Slight spoddishnesh, but..

Ironing Cbt 95  / washing it (no excuses now mingers) does not interfere with the IR capabilities of the kit.

However, some idiot (and, though it pains me to say, an infanteer) said that we would all wear our waterproofs under our combats. Some unbelievable bo**ocks about the enemy hearing it rustling, or some other ridiculous Sandhurstism.  Hence it has no IR reflectivity.  In fact, if you look at it through a CWS you'll probably see it looks white.  None too cool on the modern battlefield.  So hang onto your old stuff if you are going to war.

As for anybody's ally day-sack / non issue webbing, try looking at that through a CWS too.  Chances are, though you may look good (and yes, that is important) you will glow in the dark.

And what's wrong with ironing cbt 95 trousers flat?  They are still pressed.  Get a grip **** seniors!

As a solution to the massive neck on a cbt 95 smock, try getting your QM to get hold of a load of hoods, they were tests I think.  Then get them sewed on by the tailor /tailoress.  Hey presto, a smock with a hood, which has the pockets you need, is free and lasts longer in the field than an arctic one.  And it doesn't look too bad either!
There is a whole world of "it wasn't like this in my day" going on here. The "Army Dress Committee" (if there is such a thing) has come up with a blinding piece of bullshit reduction. C95 doesn't need ironing at all and neither does the Army. It's a waste of time and doesn't add one iota to a unit's combat effectiveness. If all the RSM's etc could let go of their little empires the Army would be a better place to work.
If Procurement could let me have some more trousers too, that would be good too; mine are all ripped. I'd still rather have a pair of them than anything else.


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agree with part of the previous posts. The new gortex is ment to be IRR I was lead to believe and the old stuff glowed white. but will take word of those of you with cws. As to private purchase kit glowing white to well it the risk you take. Cbat 95 will never be as tough as the pre 1985 pattern that i still have and is washed nearly white now. The ripstop version was alledgedly the better of the two patterns but was more expensive. And ripstop can it be starched and ironed to a razor crease? Desisions about appearence of kit and standards comes from the RSM's conference at Sandhurst for gods sake some subbie tell them to get a grip on reality this is the 21st century and not the 1950's kit should be clean,servicable and smart. Not razor creases but ironed, boots should be brush polished what is the need for toecaps that are like mirrors? Ironing in starch and bulling is undoubtably shortening the life of clothing and is therefore costing money.
BTW is the jumper heavy wool part of cbat95 our RSM says not?


What about C95 as 'office'/barrack dress?  I see that BAR is touting the view that it is not appropriate, and yet my spies tell me that anyone wearing 'barrack dress' is probably out of rig as most reh=giments no longer have an official one!?!


I find the kit useful in the field but am deeply saddened by the way it is overtaking barrack dress elsewhere. It is turning the British Army into an imitation of the american army with its associated facelessness and losing the individuality of our regiments and corps. It is impossible to look smart and the image it must portray around towns is disgusting. This Army has always prided itself on smartness and appearance, don't let this poor excuse for a uniform destroy it.
One comment I would make about wearing C95 is that it does look more aggressive and businesslike than other kinds of dress, such as barrack dress. Concerning the issue of becoming like our US brethren, we still have the wide variety of head dress, stable belts, shoulder flashes ( are they in or out this week?) to make each clan / gang stand out in a crowd or on a course. The image around town, as I see it, is of a combat arm, not something out of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Plus it hides the gut.
Feel as though I should add to the comments on CS 95. I have gone through three pairs of trousers within a couple of months. My current trousers I wear in barracks are nearly white and have already earned a comment from my Adjt. I agree with those advocating bringing back the old barrack dress. It looks smart and I personally think it instills a bit of regimental pride in those who wear it. And I'm young saying this, not some old craggy RSM.


Combat 95 kit the gortex jacket or liner as it is called .designed to be worn under the smock i presume ?Does anyone do this ?does it work ?


It works, except your smock, gets sodden, and weighs a ton. If you are stalking the enemy on a still silent night, in an environment where they may hear you then it probably isn't raining and you shouldn't be wearing your Gary.

CS95 is the best thing that has happened to our kit for a long time. And is the end of a long journey that started with the furore over DMS boots in the Falklands. Those of us old enough to remember the shirt hairy and large packs, let alone puttees should be shouting from the rooftops about how good the system that gives us the current kit is.

Now don't get me wrong, you have to actually get the appropriate kit for theatre (desert/arctic) and there is still room for improvement but.....Jesus f*cking christ.... I mean.... the Large pack!!!!!

As to what to wear in Barracks. Every step away from unnessecary Bullshit is a step in the right direction IMHO. :p