Combat 90 - soldier vs soldier vs Anneka Rice

Combat 90

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This came up in another thread, and there must be some good stories out there.

So, can anyone who participated say .....

... how much extra training went into it, or was it 'off the shelf' skills ?

... how bad was the rivalry betweens units?

... how much make-up did they make you wear ?
(and whether more or less than usual)

... did anyone chat up Anneka ?
did they get anywhere?
will they admit it?

... If it were to come back, what changes would you like to see?.
It was Combat 89 that was the prime time infantry skills comp. Combat 90 was changed to include females, which given that it was an infantry skills challenge between infantry regiments, was pcness with no point. I do not remember exactly when it was on, but I do not think it was a flagship broadcast like the first series.
Yeah, I got a bum steer on the name from another postee - I remember watching it on a course in 1987 and that wasn't the first series. I don't think Anneka was the original presenter, but can't picture who it was now that I've got her arrse in my mind.
2 LI never recovered from it...hence renamed 2 Bn Lost Island and 2 Lacking Intelligence.
i rember them firing a 51mm at a bunker and no rounds falling no where near it
Ah yes, 'Combat'

What a programme. How many of us spent the next four years marking trip wires with silly string, after that?

Oh....Only me, then... :D
Bring it back i say.

And yes the silly string is one incident i can remember,

another is the paras, smashing into a pile of logs across the road, with a flare going off to say it was boody trapped, if it had of been live, both jeeps would have copt it a goodun

I could be wrong but
Didnt Annabel croft host it at some point?
Christ, this brings back memories, I was in Cadets at the time :oops: - I never went on exercise (all 3 hours of them) without my silly string packed into my (37 pattern) webbing. It must have made me look like a 1942 childrens entertainer! :?
Still, I joined the Signals so I don't need to worry about stuff like that now, just whether the kettle is working or not.

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