Coma 2 Combat - SSAFA Involved!

Discussion in 'REME' started by derek71, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. Hey Arrse family

    Back in 2004, SSAFA helped me out financially when I was down in my luck.

    I met with the same agent today when he returned my army record book after all this time and he asked me to be their voice

    I'm humbled to be asked of course but it's funny how life works, all my royalties goes to SSAFA from my book Coma 2 Combat - A Soldiers Story

    I'm speaking about how SSAFA assisted me and how they made a great difference in my struggle back then

    If you want to donate 77p to SSAFA, please consider buying my kindle book, it's a bestseller in 2 categories

  2. OK, I may have insulted you by saying that your book is perhaps little longer than a shopping list however I have to admire both your dedication and commitment, if all that money is going to SSAFA then well done you. I shall pop a crisp tenner in their tin at my local tonight if only to stop your constant plugging!!

    Which, to be totally honest mate, is well deserved.
  3. Bryan,

    Thanks for that, I spat out my pizza lol, funny guy!

    Enjoy the pint n cheers mate, I appreciate that gesture!

    Ora best!
  4. What is a Kindle?

    Is it out in paperback??
  5. flt, thanks for the response

    It's e-book download

    It can go to your pc/laptop if you don't have a kindle

    Kindle is like a smaller version than a i-pad

    Hope that helps!

  6. Like: Books
    Dislike: Kindle/Ebook
    What happened to a good old book that used up a tree to make it!